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Sunday 15th April 2018.

Sunday Morning this white blank screen squints whispers is that you???....i sigh, yes i know time is a bucket one cannot always dip into when one wants people, the world evan my own body and mind crouch in cabbage patches hurling huge cabbages blotting the landscape into disjointed hairpins along lifes rocky road....picking through all this mass is a journey for myself called old age coming over the hill at an alarming rant, mouth wide open flashing super toothpaste teeth with lips so lipstick red whatever shard of sunshine is in the air is deminished to a whimper.
People in white coats whisper old men of 62..should not be drinking Lucozade...and how many cans of Coke-a Cola do you comsume in a week never mind IRN-BRU....tut tut....i scamper away into a dark room and nibble on a slice of chocolate mice in the corner shiver whisper tongues rake the floor their tiny feet patter...the crumbs in the choclate wrapper i drift their way..tails stiffen they gorge....i quietly leave the room is this what old age does....i sigh after all tis but Sunday the rush of rubber tyres on tarmac outside this rooms window has not quite begun....
I am now down to my last...five full time working days in this blue uniform...so far since i woke up one morning and felt WTF....it's time to roll off the tread mill for awhile alsorts of wee nasties have hurled cabbages into my path every thing from you'll be missed..to you'll regret retireing so early.
However both my mind and body have whispered don't you dare work past the date we have given you or else you'll have more than a few cabbages to attend too....So Goeth..and take care all whom pass this way. 

Easter Sunday 1st April 2018.

The hum of this machine...the ticking clock a can of IRN-BRU...the swish of rubber tyres on the tarmac beneath this window with the threat of Snow tomorrow brings dawn on this particular Easter.
I am in the frame of mind between a chocolate snowman and a hot crossed bun,during this early hour i have already turned over the various calenders which follow me across my mind with certain dates as iron crosses or bridges i have to walk across and possibly burn this particular month, sometimes in the dark hours of the night when the pink laced Goblins run rampage through my dreams i wonder if i have taken the right fork in the woods even at the age of 62 you still ask yourself many questions from cutting toe nails to masturbation to when is this bitter winter going to end....April...can be good on the weather front...In the Manchester Basin...T-shirts can be worn however i feel this April is going to be a winter drag act..wrinkled stockings busted bra's hat coat gloves and a busted rocket...sigh.
I am now into the last three weeks in the wearing of this blue uniform.....Yesterday...i pulled from post boxes the last of the Easter cards dare i say never again..will i open red postboxes at Easter time...my body says thank God after 36 years enough is enough..the battle will be convincing my mind to celebrate such a fact..
However today is Easter Sunday time to celebrate the fact that i have two days away from my blue unifrom in a row which means Bubbles will be floating around the kitchen as i cook..chocolate Easter Eggs will be consumed and the faith behind this day just might find a thought for love and peace for the world as long as i keep away from the media today this thought will seem to be real...So Goeth..and A Happy Easter to All Whom Pass This Way...

Tuesday 27th March 2018.

I have just time to say Boo..to myself and mark another day of the calender to the day when all the Goblins will climb inside my head and shout Boo...some jitters are beginning to form in my big toes as i pull off my work boots each night whether they will whisper to me or leave me in peace is a pause for thought.
Good night all whom travel this way...So Goeth...

Wednesday 21st March 2018.

When i was a lad...it was simply called winter...these modern times the media like to play games, invent words, and possibly try and scare us to death or even more simply make us hog their web pages or buy a the card copy out on the news stands still left independant rather than blow jobbed by the hungry super markets etc....to sell every thing including the Kitchen sink.
They predict a White Easter...for much of England..." The beast from the east " will return...i am beginning to think i live in a comic book and Dan Dare is out to rocket us all full of white stuff...Meanwhile i try to think, hope, that all this is simply Bollocks a vain try to make us buy more white chocolate Easter Eggs...to stick in dark places.
Therefore i try to remain positive tick off another day to wards the great day when the blue uniform lies forlorn and the white stuff once more becomes a freind...rather than something to fight against in an attempt to get the mail through.... i was asked tonight if i was sad the end is almost upon me, i can honestly say think no 36 years is enough for man and boy to work in this modern world....i might be sad that another chapter of my life is over with the thoughts of the creeking deaths door is now out on the horizon. But i want a chance to wear my stockings in good tidings in a full shilling mood for a some years before the creeking gate howls into the long dark night...
Besides that i am in good spirits i do hope all is well with those whom stumble across these written words....Good night and so Goeth.

Thursday 15th March 2018.

The day is over i have eatan far to much chocolate..the winter blues climb stairs..thankfully Spring flowers are beginning to get a grip on the hedgerows and gardens i slip through...i can see already the nights hob goblins in pink hob nailed boots beginning to become restless waiting to climb inside my mind and give it a good kicking...another thank goodness the weekend is only hours away...my new socks and wrinkled stockings arrived yippie during this week small treats keep away the wolves...it's time to ride camels into the sand dunes.....So Goeth...

Tuesday 13th march 2018

I tick off another day, my blue uniform can feel time is drawing to a close it whispers No..i whisper back 36 years is enough it sighs, sulks, but is clean and fresh for the morning, each time i pull this blue uniform on, i wonder indeed where time has gone. I find myself as the day draws closer this repeat feeling i am not sure i want to keep any article yet i bet i will......Saturday last my tiny red van spluttered to a halt a large nail in the front tyre spoke volumes is this tiny red van also talking to me..each morning now i whisper to her, today i even thought as the sunshine cascaded through the windscreen should i have it valeted on my last morning run, allsorts of crazy ideas pop fizz around each bend i pass...i have always had this soft spot i could say sentimental but am not sure if i have spelt it right....the clock ticks past 10pm....up at 4am..that sir i will not miss...good night all..so goeth....

Sunday 11th March 2018.

Sunshine filters through this rooms window,reflecting across wrinkled stockings hanging bra's and other strange things old transvestites travel in........this past month has been by far the worst winter i have had to work through for many a year...i have not worn gloves on delivery for perhaps twenty years...digging my way through snow drifts trying to move my tiny van through all this havoc has meant very if any time at all have i sat here to reflect on anything or simply nothing... at the end of the day..i won't say i have been depressed about it all..but simply the big word weary...Snow looks fine from behind a window with a glass of bubbles in hand working in it is another matter.
I am not sure either as this is my last winter working out side that it seems more crazy than it really is each hour a mountain everything seems such an effort to climb up into the sunshine....My old freind the Last Samurai...is so far in front i can barely see his footprints... the people i deliver to have been happy to see my van swish and swosh across this land which can bring joy and a heavy sigh..i do hope all is well out in LJ..world and your all sat in the sunshine sigh.....So Goeth...

Sunday 25th February 2018.

This has been one of the worst Winters i have had to trawl through for a long time it has seemed endless and bitter almost eating my mind alive.....each working day has been such a power house to reach the end that it feels that i have not had the energy to visit this window on the world nor as if i have  sat at this machine for the entire winter. Yes i have seen the sun and can only think of it as walking through cold soup...thankfully too i am coming to the end of my third winter snuffle as if everyone is passing them around like sweeties...i know i am not on my own everyone whom works out side has had the same bitter winter thoughts...the same bag full of colds summer has never been so much sought...
Perhaps for myself knowing this is my last winter working from a tiny red van and a blue uniform over my wrinkled stockings each day has seemed a shock crossing each day off the calender i don't know as if this has quickened the weeks or simply dragged. I am now down to my last eight weeks in the saddle...." what are you going to do...You will miss it..."...i gaze in wonder at these people open my mouth as if to say the word poetry but decide to simply shrug my shoulders at them and tick another day off the calender and voice yea yea....
Well sunshine is peeking through the window on this room showing up the list of sunday to do's my wrinkled stockings are pouting..i want more....ok..time to get dressed and embrace the old transvestite life is for living so they say...have a good week ahead for all whom pass this way.....So Goeth.

Tuesday 13th February 2018

There was a time in my youth...when i could not spell February....as i potter into old age i wish it was so now...the weather forcasters have promised in my world the temps will reach 45F....with sunshine which is a big wow wow...it will not be as hot as Australia but hey its sunshine badly need by all including all rubber ducks.
They say tomorrow is a double whammy..Valentine's day...and lent begins...i eat far to much Cadbury's chocolate so for 40 days and nights i might just try to keep my fingers away from their wrappers....even at this age faith is something i peer at from the corner of my eye sometimes in wonder others in great sadness....As for Valentine's day some one told me once they had sent me a card..i will not admit how many times i looked at the door mat or indeed the post box....at the time it was horiffic now simply i just shrug....Therefore the evening is late whom ever passes this way Enjoy the day hugs to all...So Goeth...

Wednesday 7th February 2018.

-6...on the C scale..at 5am this morning was not a good feeling...yes i know around the world it can reach a great deal colder...simply however i am not around the world...and weary is the name of this corner of the globe...i have just ordered some hot sunshine from down under from a talented lad whom can indeed scribble across this here...LJ....prey it arrives for the coming weekend.
Besides that i am indeed well having survived another day in the great urban sprawl of the great Manchester basin where traffic will eat you and Pink Elephants will piss all over you from a great height should you blow bubbles around each bend of the road....So Goeth...