Sunday Eve 24th November 2019.

Tis but a rare thing i post twice in a day...alas frantic phone call mid afternoon means my Christmas  pressure on the post starts tomorrow.. in earnest...sigh...
I did indeed blow off the dust off my Christmas C.D.'s picked out five and played on shuffle..coming from Nat King Cole..Christmas Album..Rod Stewart...Merry Christmas Baby...Elvis Christmas Peace...and The Best Christmas the world ever 44 tracks double cd..released in 1996...gosh....probably well out of date by now however it was calming to float around the house thinking gosh how old was i and where was i...some almost brought a tear. So Goeth...

Sunday 24th November 2019.

IT..!! that time of year,i will begin to move into the Christmas Pressure season this coming week making it my 38th Christmas on the post office front line, it is  a war mostly within oneself when all you think off is eat, sleep, and not enough hours in the day, this year the added postal vote volume for the coming general election will blow the mind into outer space... a time of year when everyone loves you, can you just, can you just,...yes yes....the most important thing for me is the smile or a whispered thank you it does mean something to any postie....a time of year when my fingers are not full of brown envelopes income tax, council tax, speeding fines, which are always posted with a heavy heart and sigh...a time of year when small children poke their heads through their parents legs at the front door with eyes a beaming and a time when you can give people living on their own a small time to chat for a few minutes. It is a time when you are thankful tis only once a year and thankful when the last Christmas song's note has stopped singing in your fact when i have finished here this morning i might just blow off the dust from my Christmas CD'S....after seeing a piccy of a naked Chirstmas tree on my friends page this morning. It is a time when drooling over my L.J....takes a back seat so just incase i scribble more gibberish this coming month...Love and Peace to all whom pass this way.x

Below is a piccy of the church in Manchester which sits outside the Manchester Students Union Acadamey concert halls which i took last night it always frightens me, as the door was open last night i did have a peek inside and looked quite beautiful which did bring a smile, perhaps one eve going to a concert i might just pop in. Last night  i went to see a few good tribute bands...Sex Pistols...Blonde...The Clash the music flowed in good form, the crowd were up for it, beer was everywhere so too old age, an imaculate punk rocker with encrusted mohican hair had to lean on his walking stick..mature fem's still thought they were 18 once more which made the night interesting...So Goeth

Wednesday 20th November 2019.

The army of fallen leaves lying in the gutters, along the river banks, in the subways, stuck to buses, are gathering storm and blowin in the wind we have not had rain for three days i am agast that i have managed to write three days,  they are drying rapidly into crinkled crusts, those type of leaves, as a school boy, one used to run down the street kicking them high as one laughing and shouting as high as the sun and over the roof tops one could, these old days i just smile at the nostalgia of it all. And wonder why youth of these days don't. have such simple fun.
The year is coming strongly now to the Christmas season plus the General Election meaning postal votes, time to batton down the hatches as my tiny red van will be much in the thick of things time might stop me from scribbling even a full stop, but as long as the dark months melancholy madness does not drag me down to far i should find time to even crawl across the page in some form...So Goeth love and peace to all whom pass this way...x

Sunday 17th November 2019.

A week has passed since i have sat before this machine and scribbled, so busy has been my tiny red van and i, as the days begin to draw into the Christmas festive season which at times does not seemed to have vanished off the supermarket shelves since last new year...
A romp around the streets of Manchester in the now traditional sense of pouring rain,for each footstep taken these days in old age means i cannot quite remember an Autumn so rain drenched for many a year they just seemed so glued together these days the word season means nothing those school boy days in the class room being taught words for the months have vanished what ever happened to flaming June, April showers, and where is old Jack Frost these days of riotus rain drops i whisper to myself.
Yesterday afternoon i took a small celebration in having walked amongst this  planet of crusty cobwebs for 64 this week, catching the down town bus for a stroll amongst the famous Manchester rain pausing first at Manchester Uni in the students union bar picking up a couple of tickets for two tribute bands...Sex Pistols whom i have seen before and they are good almost being back in those crazy angry days...and the Doors which even just the name makes me wonder...I'm a buggar for free mags  strewn around was the mag...Crack a music mag mainly independant bands...what really toasted my soul as i sat watching the pouring rain cross the most frightening catholic church across the road a place that must have put the fear of God into all those cotton mills girls back in the dark days even before they walked inside the building..where quite the word love is hidden amongst the stark forlorn stone work gives no sense to the building at all.
The main lead of the Mag...was the fact that another decade of this centuary is drawing to a close i was quite shocked as i watched the rain pour down the coffee house windows thinking jesus where have the years vanished too...I leave you with their opening words.

" To be honest, i'm not sure that nostalgia is the right word for the feeling that arises from looking back at the decade just gone. A prismatic, janus-faced decade where antipathy dissolved into righteous political consciousness, but where nuance became as outmoded as the CD drive. The 2010's brought us reckonings and distractions, huge steps forward and equal and opposing backlashes blacklivesmatter and notallmen, vaporwave and Spotifycore. We try to make sense of the last ten years in our end of the decade special. We must be crazy. "

Louise Brailey, Editor.

Well myself and my tiny red van am at least not the only crazy souls on the planet...and thus i dare myself to add just a touch of me a bit of vanity taken amongst the streets of the Manchester Basin to mark my 64th year...So Goeth love and peace to all whom pass this way...

Sunday 10th November 2019.

The Times They Are A-Changin.....i do not often sit with this here machine with music dribbling across the keyboard but tonight as England celebrates or should i think of another term for wearing Poppies in your button hole for those whom never made the journey back home from a conflict...Today the sun played games across the Manchester Basin i expect there were a host of drunken poppies wandering around the streets with a bag full of rich tales locked inside the mind itching to spill out or like my grandad perhaps whom never spoke of his days in the trenches of 1916 and thus such thoughts are kept closed and simply wander forever on the wind with no scratch of the itch....and i expect the sun just shone for them today..
There was no warmth from the rays from the few moments i stepped out, but hey there cannot possibly be any rain left in the sky after the past week. I sigh with possibly relief and pause for thought as this wine slips across my crazy street mixed mind.
For myself today was one of those lazy no bra days and i give myself a gold star for at last taking a clout at the host of dust bunnies that live in this room, perhaps this time next year i will have purged the cheaky buggers and have a few more pennies saved as i came across a couple of small hand books i have picked up covering San-Fran perhaps fingers crossed with a bag full of hope along the way...Which just leaves a So Goeth and love and peace to all whom pass this way have a good week ahead..for we are only a pawn in their game.x

Wednesday 6th November 2019.

I have reached the hump of the week my tiny red van has taken a battering in curved air striking across the Manchester Basin, caught in a traffic Goblin world of stop start and do i always greet red traffic lights with the same heavy sigh of why me, found in a supermarket carton of veggie soup, the weather has been that gloomy a bright Union Jack flag hanging from a high rise block of flats was the only colour which smacked my eyes...during the coarse of the day.
Travelling on a down town bus this morning i watched a possible grandfather trying to make the bus i was sat on by dragging this small boy by the straps of his knapsack as if he was a bag of spuds blowin in the wind tossed on tarmac down on his knees fell the small boy more than once, he never made the bus i could not help but think of the film the joker i watched last week and how sad the world is becoming with the one word,Time....
Stepping off the bus i called into a supermarket for a couple of bits, there in the middle of the first isle was an old man as myself, instantly i knew him even his name, where i am not known for remembering names at all, never mind 50 years ago yet his name still clings to me, we have bumped into each other over the years,those familier words how are you..etc.etc...and a few moment of the old school boy days the football we played for the school team. But today he stood stared my way for mere seconds turned around and ambled on looking for his eggs pardom my French...I am not sure if i was sad, hurt, or simply bewildered, perhaps my vanity needs a paint job...perhaps in adversity the ole vanity shoots out the old transvestite bunch of flowers and did i give off that air of sod off today or were my wrinkled stocking on show...Life is as they say..So Goeth...

Sunday 3rd November 2019.

Guy on the rack, fire works stutter in the night sky already itchy fingers light the blue touch paper, bonfire night on November the no longer what it once was, the imported Halloween Bash from America has over taken the bonfire festival, trick and treat scary monsters, carved out faces on pumkins are more the norm, cups of tea, fireworks in the sky, a roaring bonfire a celebration that the catholic's did not blow up the houses of parliment in the 16C... no longer cuts it.. English traditions are dying...Black Sabbath sung about changes....todays Observer Sunday newspaper wrote words about the coming impeachment of Trump...a mass of words on the general election cascaded across most pages of the newspaper if Labour win i'll show my arse in Burtons window...if the working class don't get out of bed and vote then they will not...If the Tories win i shall be so sad over half my life has been the pain of living under Tory vermin....if they sell the the Americans then England is no more. Perhaps there is hope across the water in Elizabeth Warren.
Thirty years since the fall of the Berlin wall some say it should have never been pulled down others celebrate...those that buy Sunday Newpapers each week must have hard skin and deep minds the amount of gloom within the pages could fill Trumps underpants three times over...I think today as the first fog rolled across the Manchester Basin bringing thoughts of Bleaker Street by Simon and Garfunkel i shall refrain the Sunday Newspaper instead perhaps i'll simply hum to myself Bleaker Streat....and whisper on the wind. On a good note i came across an artful nude of Janis Joplin..think i'll say wow..and therefore So Goeth..Love And Peace to all whom pass this way this coming week.x

Thursday 31st October 2019.

I am not George Formby nor am i Billy Bragg i do not sing like Gladys Knight though i would like a cast off dress of hers..i do not sing about tears from a letter delivered by a Mail Man a song of hers...Waterloo Sunset by the Kinks means something to me, i have indeed stood on that very station and thought bubbles and squeak...Black Pig can you even say those words today was a wine from Australia in 2014 and has kept unusually well on this Halloween night, i have struck a few matches over a few candles for love and peace around the garden to night for peace for the world the Beatles still make me smile and SHAM 69... if the kids are united they will never be...!!..must mean in this coming general election they must surely vote...or for ever keep their underpants and panites around their throats in silence...if not we will always be between the wars.
Bless'em all by George Formby only mixes with Born On The Bayou and Bad Moon Rising if your in your 60's...even more so if bubbles have kept away the ghosts of tonight Eleanor Rigby reminds me of the ballad of John and Yoko which will always finish with Bookends and hello darkness my old friend...for those whom introduced me to S@G...way back in 1969...may you always be blessed...So Goeth...

Tuesday 29th October 2019.

It is almost dawn, as always on an Autumn day in October the clocks turn back one hour the second world war is once more shook off and opened as the daylight saving helps the farmers bring in their we were told all those years ago as small school boys today it simply means falling from the pit of dreams in darkness and falling back in them in darkness perhaps we just may have a breath of sunshine through the day.
Before the advent of the modern world as we now know it, when one used to sneak chocolate biscuits into bed over the weekend read Enid Blyton Famous Five Books before they became famous for badly written English or racist which i am not sure i can remember, and turn on the wireless to Ed Stewpots Junior choice, where such singers as Burl Ives...used to sing about old ladies swallowing birds and the bee's...There was never a weekend during the 1960's when Three Wheels On MY Wagon...was never played....this morning somehow the tune entered my head old school boy thoughts played games surrounding those innocent days as i pulled on my busted bra thought on the day ahead and the Goon show of British Politics lampooning into will we ever leave Europe and have a general election soon, very soon,or neither.
Strange to, i am sure the lead singer of Three Wheels On My Wagon went on to sing Eve of Destruction. Is my mind too switched on or am i simply dreaming daft thoughts on this early morning rise.
However time to make hay on the day plant a few spring bulbs in the garden and a trip into the city of Manchester is in order for a two day birthday celebration for someone close, day one a sneak into a picture house thinking it's one of those biff and bash films Black And Blue...or perhaps the other way around, i do recall seeing the advert on the side of a public bus some weeks ago...
So Goeth...Luv and Peace to all whom pass this way.x