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Sunday 13th OCTOBER 2019.

Fogs rolling in off the easten bank...like a shroud it covers bleecker street...today is Paul Simons birthday..i sit with a glass of Chardonnay...i do not usually scribble across this white blank screen with music pulsating from this machine i find that my mind drifts to dark corners of the past lurking in my mind and twists words i want to or feel as i post..or i post comments that i just might regret from this ever drifting 63 year old self....tonight i have pressed on Simon and Garfunkel on I-Tunes in honour of such a birthday.." .Homeward Bound " slips in reminding me i must visit...Wigan train station where this very song was scribbled so they say.
I am thankfull that a senior in the games room at the school boys time of my life let me sit awhile whilst he played
" Bridge Over Troubled Waters" albumn on the old turn table..to only him and me...in that barmy summer during boarding school days...when what the hell was i...a tranny..a bisexual..or a rider of pink elephants...i don't think a day passes when those days do not crop up in my mind...and for vanity's sake do all those boys i touched if only in words or sight through those years ever think of me.." I Am A Rock...."...follows into " Sounds Of Silence "...which must me, must be...my all time memory jerker...back to those days of did i pull on underpants or panties..tis but a tune that bursts into my mind and fills it full of flowers...found on the subway wall...'" Wednesday Morning 3AM..."...means life is, and that the road is always rocky and one must crunch through the undergrowth with half an ear to the 7 O'Cock News/ Silent News..which always smacks me,  in the mind and always makes me regret that i am a transvestite for only a few moments...its a song i always repeat...i am not sure if it's simply the voice of the news reader and i always wonder if he is still alive and wonders about this tune...or i play it for nostalgia when it did not matter what God you talked to....so i will end tonight..with Sounds Of Silence and say love and peace to all...So Goeth..x

Wednesday 9th October 2019.

Saccharine Turtles, Curly leaf wood nymphs and troglodytes dressed in pink kimono's are passing me by, heading south to warmer climates as Autumn sweeps away any whisper of Summer holding any ground past the sell by date, around this Manchester Basin....i have to  watch out for the forlorn hope regiment in case i am recruited into the melancholy maddness company...where gloom and glomp hide amongst the wrinkled stockings whispering strange incantations.
So far with the promise of a new day and someone close whom carries the word hope across their soul i should make it through the dark nights where wee beasties snip and snap at ones heels and the word snow eats into the ears...another aid is always music in the past few days i picked up the cheap edition of the 50th anniversary of the Beatles Abby Road..which made up for the fact i did not win one penny on the whopper big euro lotto draw....of millions i do not want to think about...i knew this morning i didn't win when seeing the results on the front page of a British Daily Newspaper lying in the trolly of an old crone queueing up to pay for her smalls " Brit wins record euro " or some such headline in big bold letters....quite why it smacked me in the face i don't really know usually i just sigh and think what the fuck, good luck to the winner and amble on with life with that hope of next time the euro climbs to such busted bra heights it just might be my ticket. I think i will in future put the pennies in a jar and i might just arrive in San Fran when i retire from the blue uniform..or perhaps some silk stockings. For i do not want ever again to trudge with such gut thoughts again i would rather abstain and hum to the tune of Octopus's Garden.

Mean while i shall leave some hope from 1969....perhaps it might spread into this mad world for it sure needs a touch of 1969.... So goeth...

Monday 7th October 2019.

I have survived last week to, the patter of tiny mites, rampant, free falling...no fear, two miracles that bounce and can fall asleep whilst eating chicken nuggets and chips. All the way from New South Wales...OZ....

I survived Legoland Manchester on a Saturday morning...i climbed into a machine that if you peddled fast enough would race you to the stars and touch...I have not peddled that fast in 30 years....

I survived a pizza eaten inside out..must be an Australian thing...And i sat down and watched the films REO...???
And Storks...???..thank goodness the room basked soft in gentle light..pass me a hanky....

They return to OZ..Friday morning....So Goeth.

Sunday 29th September 2019.

" Today is gonna be the day i throw it back to you..."...in rain sodden Manchester,

in a protest march against the Tories...Not even my panties survived the rain i am just thankful a few thousand turned up and nice to see some young ones on the march...and i always ask myself on the vanity switch inside my head was i the only transvestite even in the closet of the day marching today...God Bless all those whom marched today to...So Goeth...

Sunday 29th September 2019.

I have at last finished dancing in my cellar, at least four small van trips to the local tip throwing out enough cardboard to build a battle ship and other such monsters.
This morning the rain falls across the Manchester Basin. And is predicted to fall all day.
I am in a short while about to venture out in this shite autumn weather and join a protest march against the Tory Party conferance held in Manchester City Centre..it's mainly a rage against Boris and no doubt Trump...but i'm still mad about Maggie Thatcher and all her ill's and i'm going to giver my two penny's worth.
To all those whom pass this way have a good week ahead..must dash now and pull on my busted bra and stockings...So Goeth...x

Wednesday 25th September 2019.

I sit here tonight stare at this blank screen,wonder sigh, look down on this key pad, and think i might just close and dig into the freezer in the downstairs kitchen, whilst wondering on the day i have trawled through,and ask myself quite why the title of a book i read this year or was it last.." Oranges are not the only fruit.." is always in the front of my mind and just might pluck out an ice cream...I will have to stop scribbling such words, perhaps, or people just might think i am madder than the very orange i scribble about.
Time i think for an ice cream...So Goeth...Love And Peace To All...x 

Monday 23rd September 2019.

The blank screen stares, back at me whispers Monday..we both sigh...even though i begin my second week of annual leave from my blue uniform the feelings are the same i have to pinch myself that i am here on planet earth the kicking from the Goblins in pink laced hob nailed boots as they tramped through my crazy street mix of a mind during the dark hours was, as, always a relief to wake up from, the dance last night was merry chaos again as always.
The weekend dribbled in fine fettle the bubbles did flow the sun did shine for most of Saturday a no clouds in the sky that blue haze that always says gosh..the BBQ burnt.. i sat out until 10pm accompanied by my i-pod and a stare at the stars above and wondered what they were..
                                                                           The reward was Sunday full of rain drops...a short stroll around town popped into HMV...music store picked up a couple of cd's...which seam to shrink everytime i visit now, will cd's ever die will the L.P once more rule the world and will i indeed ever retreat back into that fold....i think in my youth i only ever bought ten...they lie wrapped tucked under a chest of draws in this very room, i did unwrap them the other day and am sure some are missing have goblins tripped up on them eaten them whilst feasting in the nights hours or have i lent them out on the never never lane of thoughts....or simply should i give them to charity now when, and i say when, i unclutter this very room. So Goeth...have a good week all whom pass this way...x

Thursday 19th September 2019.

It is just past the famous blue raincoat hour,once more i have risen from the pit of dreams where Goblins in pink laced hob nailed boots balloon about inside my head free of charge...i am not sure if i love their visits or dread them now and then they let me delve into a last samurai dream but alas mostly my old friend King Canute still sits on the shoreline trying to turn the tide mumbling those famous words...Fuck Off...When the last English person leaves these shores turns out the light looks back and gives a heavy sigh perhaps those will be the last words uttered. For the past three days i have been living in the cellar trying to declutter all those things piled down amongst the spiders cobwebs always left with the thought at that moment they leave my hands i will sort them out soon. I have found a bikini tucked into a Jack Wills box within a bag within a bigger bag hanging from the ceiling it does not fit, not that i walk around in a bikini..perhaps though across San Fran's Golden Gate Bridge if i had the body to suit now there is a dare not to spend to much thought on.
A far better find was 32 bottles of white wine hidden away in a crate a real happy factor towards the end of the day it felt like winning the lottery.
                                         Today i shall not dress to smash and grab down in the cellar a rest day do my nails etc i believe the sun is coming out to play today across the Manchester Basin and a blessing of what no rain...!!! by God Sir is that possible...So Goeth.

Wednesday 18th September 2019.

Half way through my first weeks leave from my tiny red van...and yes i have managed to let go of some of the hoarded spiders and found odds and sods that i did not know i still had lurking in dark corners by the end of these two weeks i will perhaps smile with a sigh...the bubbles are going well..my I-Pod is on fire..San Fran " flowers in your hair " was tuned up loud and repeated perhaps to often if any song reminds me of my childhood during the sixties then old Scott's is the main one...also reminds me must walk bare foot one day there. The media say perhaps this is the last week of Summer whom seem to me these days treat us like children fresh out of kindergarden or simply have no news to tell and fill us full of bollocks simply to sell newspapers.
I whisper to myself Autumn-Winter...such dreadful seasons running into each other where the sun does not shine for days on end and rain makes you grow webbed feet whether you like it or not. So  a heavy sigh form myself time to pull on the old wool dresses and wrinkled stockings even tighter..Ha....There is a protest march against the tories next Sunday through the streets of Manchester...if the weather holds i might wear my red t-shirt with embossed with
" Never Kiss A Tory "..i picked up from a pride week stall one year...So Goeth.

Monday 16th September 2019.

Today i start two weeks leave away from my tiny red van...which means a thousand and one jobs around these four walls with a shotgun to my head..to sort out this habit of mine to hoard stuff....and hopefully some Aussie bubbles now that we did not loose the last ashes test match...yip yip yippie...perhaps some sense will be scribbled later in the day...time now to pull on my wrinkled stockings and play superman....with a bucket and spade.
Love and peace to all whom pass this way...So Goeth..x