Monday 26th July 2021.

The past two weeks of working through the streets of Greater Manchester witha temp inside my head of 80*F driving a tiny red van which shows 40*C on the dash board....has swooned my simply fade away into the night without stopping by this here machine each working day...i will not grumble about the heat wave for i am not a big fan of Winter, however i would have rathered been sat in the garden watching flowers grow with a cold beer or even sat here during dusk.....rather than empty post boxes...but as they say life is; the writer Bill Bryson once wrote"  Life is a bucket of shit and today this is yours "....which i seem to recall was of a particular time he was in Finland...i think....for it has been a goood long while since i read his first book....that one line always makes me smile when the forces of the day are a wall to crunch through without thinking Dear God....whatever next...

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace...take care...So Goeth...

Wednesday 14th July 2021.

I am glad the bycycle farts of professional football have now vanished into the swamp of life, that the razz of the  Euro's racked up to such a frenzy in England that the game ended more in a political football of slung words that you cannot or can say out loud in public, fades for another four years. The words  " it's only a game "....lost that touch when the famous Liverpool Manager...Bill Shankly....compared football to God...these days it has probably gone way past even the great Bill Shankly, and would be interesting had he still been walking this planet what he would have made of the fluffed penalties....that we dare not talk about incase the word racist wraps itself in a discared Mcdonald wrapper eaten by crows. Think I'll stick to Sunday league football where the word Fuck echoes from the trees on fluffed passing of the ball on a bumby pitch and the words you Fat Bastard is sung in a friendly manner over a foul or missed goal chance....and those standing on the side lines simply laugh. My big worry will i be able to hide from the world cup next year is there a cardboard box big enough for block out such things as twitter and all the other Media wobbles that are flung our way. Time indeed will tell.

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace...take care...So Goeth.

Thursday 8th July 2021.

With almost everyone, i came into contact with today still having  the Euro football buzz, i was beginning to think it was Friday and the weekend had begun..the shock of pulling on my blue uniform tomorrow will be something indeed. Especially being a mad week in my tiny red van....but then have not all weeks been mad since last March..Roll on the end if there is such a this Virus....Time i think to hit the pillow and blow kisses....

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take care So Goeth...X 

Saturday 3rd July 2021.

To all..Yanks, Americans,Dudes,Bud's,and the nick name for all the ladies across the pond which has slipped my mind this evening...for those whom were on the Mayflower...or hitched a ride on a shanks pony....Have a fab day tomorrow... the 245th July 4th since 1776....if my school boy history lessons were correct.......I wish to thank you for...Elvis..singing...In the Getto.....Melanie..singing Ruby Tuesday and in my youth Neil Young...After The Gold Rush..which haunted me for most of my youth and even today......Plus the Monkee's Saturday afternoon TV series....which astounded me, why my father let me watch them and not Batman which he deemed American Rubbish...thus bared from the television in the home...But the Monkee's and the crush on the girl next door was something else...
There was of coarse Kojac..which i do not think i missed one show....There is one more TV Cop..series which the name escapes me but i am sure David Jenson..was the main man....For Allen Ginsberg's America Poem...Go Fuck Yourself with your Atom Bomb...For M. Scot Peck...For The Road Less Travelled...whom saved my life..when i picked his book up..during a flight through Singapore...
The best-est western for me at least was...with John the Searchers....for other films i could perhaps sit here all night as they drift into my mind....I wish to thank the Anon pilot of a TWA DC-10..whom banked over the Grand Canyon giving us a fabulous view..whom probably today would be sacked from his job into days climate of Big i flew  from JFK to the east coast airport..sorry my spelling is shite....But Santa Monica was my youth hostel the people in the market stalls whom bade me have a nice day..which shocked me rigid coming from old England...where you were in those days lucky if you got a smile....But tonight i think i would most want to thank you for those whom pass this way on live Journal, and the builders of the Jumbo Jet which allowed the working class in England such as back pack around the world....

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace Take care...So Goeth...X

Tuesday 29th June 2021.

Boo...i say to myself as the last few days of June begin to drift through my fingers, Summer has arrived in fits bits and starts..i am not sure quite what mood or swing i am in, the Covid dance is very much up yer bum clogging the mind with games you cannot skip too.....the small wonder though is on Thursday i begin to trawl through my last eight months of pulling on this blue uniform for ever as i become an offical i sit in at this moment sometimes i think Wow others i am not too sure these past two years have felt like four..however i bought a couple of ultra cheap dresses last week to try and pull myself from all the doubt and melancholy madness i usually reserve for the winter months...i have also bought far too many books and CD"s..trawlled through far to many charity shops..but hey life is.....

To all whom pass this way Love and Peace..take care so goeth....X

Thursday 24th June 2021.

The flu virus seems endless, every where you go it is there staring you in the face, smacking you around the gob, crawling into your pockets, the masks thrown on the floor, the television, the wireless, the local bus as it trundles past you on the street down the road,round the bend, take a walk in a park masks hang from trees....i even found one posted in a post box some weeks ago....every date of relief to open up is set back by the govenment as yet another breed of the virus erupts down the country lanes..will i scribble the same words this time next year...or be sat in the garden talking to the flowers or perhaps singing that sixties song by the Move..." I'm just sitting watching flowers in the rain..".

To all whom pass this and peace take care...So Goeth.

Friday 11th June 2021.

Wow..i sit here with a glass of white wine...a trial from a new glass i picked up from a charity shop the other day..two for £ could i refuse and in dark red..i think really there meant to be ornaments..however the older you become the more you think fuck it and being a wine buff has never been a shirt i wear....

Wow....for coming and sitting for a few moments within two days, i have these past weeks almost lived in my tiny red van the times i have escaped have been spent helping the community by buying far to many books both new and second hand same as in CD'S....and oh yes the fem inside me has treated herself as well..or i would be in deep trouble....

Wow Finland are going to win the Euro...simply because i have drawn them from my old Office sweep stake, but take note the only thing i have ever won on a raffle was a pair of yellow socks at a firemans ball in the 1970's..but i will never forget the lady who drew me on to the dance floor that night and all most ate me alive.

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take care...So Goeth.

Wednesday 9th June 2021.

Nearly three weeks have past,since i have rested here and thought must post something, if only a dribble of a few words to prove to myself,that time the always tomorrow lanyard around my soul does not steer my ship in ever increasing circles of tomorrow is just another day,there will always be one of those so why become vexed.
I feel as if i have been living in my tiny red van through a tapestry of tangled roads around Greater Manchester for a centuary....the push shunt shove of rude traffic eats into me, the never ending road works poke out tongues with a giggle as each stop light roars red..there seems to be endless money for road works and nothing else park benches have been quietly taken away, parks have been neglected, if they could i expect local councils would love to concrete every square inch, i find myself thinking i would love to be a hermit only the female inside me screaming like mad punches a hole in the melancholy madness....built up through the sad winter and spring weather fronts...My old school teachers always wrote on my school reports  could do better and perhaps i should.

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take care.....So Goeth. 

Friday 21st May 2021.

My five days away from my blue uniform is over, quite where the time has vanished too, is something to contemplate as i stare at this big white i begin to rue over pulling it back on tomorrow i had thought the weather would have fallen into the shadow of summer alas not so, rain, rain,more bloody rain has turned myself into a damp squid..thank goodness for the wine glass during the evenings otherwise melancholy madness might have returned so soon after a bleak winter...but should i become an grumpy old sod or simply sigh that i managed to drive out of Greater Manchester for one day at one of my favourite beach in North Wales... with so many memories...amongst the sand dunes, the brisk sea a welcome hug as if it knows one day i would venture forth once more must be two years feel the sand beneath my feet smelling sea weed, the bending down for a taste of cold sea water.

This is a beach where my soul can say wow..and troll down from the crazy streets i work through, the clouds on the day looked so low if stood on tip toes i am sure you could reach them...give them a friendly tree hug....

The remains of a sand castle some small child had probably had joy in making how long it has been stood there...i would like to think quite a while and a small hope it is still there today....indeed made me chuckle and wonder did i do the very same thing fifty odd years ago....

Lastly some inner peace for an old panto dame as i, to sit on top of a sand dune let the bright sunshine play games across the skin to feel the warmth to look out in some form of tranquility..without thought of wearing face masks, washing hands, or all the rest of the new normal we have to endure at this time, will the old normal ever return perhaps yes perhaps one hopes.

To all whom pass this way love and peace...take Goeth...X

Tuesday 18th May 2021.

It has not rained today...My blue uniform is asleep in the cellar hopefully, half once washed will remain until Autumn, hopefully too this will be my last coming Autumn driving my tiny red van..i do try not to cross each day off the calender or will it, to float across the horizon any quicker than the simple march of time as is...I have a few days leave which my body and soul whispers muchly earned, but do not waste the time away they guard...from the dark clouds, of face masks, social distance and what ever else big bad Boris has in the pocket of his mind. regarding the IT-Virus....
At last i have managed to fester away in the back garden as so far May has been nothing but shite weather but time calls with my...I-Pod on the cellar steps, i have started clearing away winters drag net, some plants have escaped others sadly withered during this bleak winter...My goose-gog plant is already in fruit, which always was seamingly ever present in the 1960's school lunch with a custard that could wall paper a house with one scoop so thick was the stuff plopped on to your plate....joining goose-gogs so over cooked they sighed with relief when plopped on to your plate by the big buxom dinner lady of the day the dish was so gastly for myself uneatable...I grow the plant mainly for the birds to feed on and sometimes when sat outside in the sunshine glass of Chardonnay in hand, i wonder where we are all now from those childhood years, my vanity asks do any remember myself. Such was Forces life back in those days the family being posted every two years almost living out of tea chests....Scotland, Northern Ireland, the list is almost endless better though to have no regrets, just quaff the wine and indeed wonder about the forks in the woods less travelled.
Tomorrow i am going to push my toes in some sand in a one of the best beaches for me in North Wales now that lock down is inching in retreat..time to hear the seagulls as i sit on the beach scoffing some light lunch whilst sand  blows down into the ears drums playing my favourite sixties song be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, to also watch the waves simper across the sand and again wonder what would have happeded if King Canute did indeed turn the tide....i also have this silly idea..for when i retire finally from my tiny red walk the beach in the nude let it all flop out in the sea with a possibilty of watching the crabs laugh in delight as they run away, to try and brush into the cabbage patch the thought that i am in the last nine yards of my life to simply sigh ho-hum and let it be.

To all whom pass this way love and peace..take care...So Goeth..X