bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 23rd November 2006.

Today the lane lizards on the motorway have stretched my mind ito the caves where bats hang and tickle their feet with old lollypopsticks.Sometimes, even the bats cannot take away the ram speed i feel building up in my body as i sit there hunched over the wheel in my tiny red van, bollocks,fill the void, sounds utter through gritted teeth and then i think of such things as the vikings;gosh what a piece of art, i would like to feel my lips around, however the traffic lights change and i gunge into gear and off like sailors shorts in pink flesh and empty beer cans lie scuttled in the gobstopper world of crispy ducks,or should that be crispy cocks well perhaps.
However one must go on or else the lane lizards will have won and we cannot have that or the candle of hope on horse back will flame no more.
I can not imagine if the four horses should ever win the race,i wonder what the three fates make of all this raging on the planet now, i wonder if they think that the pope and such have their heads up their arses so much they have become blind to the way of life which some of us now call normal.I caught a smattering whilst driving around last night..and how i nodded at the word mad..and the definition of what is considered normal.
The more i caught the words the more i felt on the fringe of sanity but have so far never crossed the line i might not imagine that i have something implanted in my chest controlled by such as big brother..but how many of us believe even with out such contraptions big brother is farting all over us with his wants, that the vast mass of the great unwashed have so much sleep in their eyes they have become blind,even the spuds in their ears are making them deaf soon they will be no more than the three brass monkeys, and then it is time for those that are not touched by this to shout help.

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