bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 6th January 2013.

Forty-four years ago this weekend....i was sent away to school....There have not been many days since when i have not reflected upon the time spent there..wondered about those i met, touched,fathomed, amongst the summer grass,spread cotton sheets of winter or gossiped with over breakfast. I do not dwell on regrets,hide no bitterness or wallow amongst the cabbages which plough amongst the grape vines entrenched within me. But i do wonder would i have been whom i am today if i had not walked up the gravel path and entered.
For Christmas i did not find under the tree any woolly Jumpers..a smile came over me tonight when i read a blog i follow to whom such a vision had visited them..there was a time when such invaded me each year they are still neatly folded in the drawers awaiting the four minute warning when i shall endeavour to pull them all on and hide under the stairs to await the nuke missile attack from the Russians, and the real end of the world. I seem to recall that my father told me back in the sixties it only needed perhaps five and England was a waste land,unless we all have a host of woolly Jumpers hidden away. For that simple reason i have kept every one i found under the tree on Christmas day. 

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