bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 21st January 2013.

The first heavy snow of this winter season fell over night...six inches is a smile to some, however as i placed one foot in front of the other i had to slip into my snow bunny panties delve deep into old habits and continue on wards and upwards to the dungeon of gloom. In amongst gnat fighting demons of the work place, where bland, eats old folks from frothing into cups of tea at an alarming rate, the only defence is panties at one hundred yards as cabbages from the weekend bellow loud enough to be heard inside my head, making me wonder on Gods Earth slugging after all in the cabbages that do indeed froth along side the rich vain, captured in Elephant piss pouring out of those whom control is a virtue they want to extend over the great unwashed ruling with a rod of iron do as we say,not as we do which must coin a phase deep down amongst the bubbles saved from the Pre-Sixties George Orwell days of 1984.
Blow on us, as we are worth the hot breath wasted from " In whom we serve. " bringing yesterday in a cloud that i cannot quite reach in the cluster fucks scattered across life's rocky road.
Amongst all this i did find peace today...i stood for a few seconds and watched one man and his dog walk across a snow filled golf coarse from a distance which made his red coat stand still against the white tribe scorching across the landscape...the silence for those few moments was police flashing blue lights, no swirling horns no biff, bash, bosh, in the sky above on the approach to runway nineteen,perhaps snow does belong in Narnia a different snow where the key melts all hearts and cannot be found by the ruling mob whose only God has a dollar sign tattooed in the rift of cabbage lies they steep in.
I am well, my panties need to step out as i have bought a new coat perhaps ripples deem the world to flout the transvestite caught in the bubble.

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