bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 10th March 2013.

Once more i am in the mother of all bug huts punching on these keys in a mist of darkness, on this island of sharp contrasts mega rich to mega poor and mega change,since i was last here in 2006. On the human scale white skin is no longer the gold fish bowl it once was, i was once here with a lad who almost went crazy with being lost in the gold fish syndrome over his white did not help being hailed every few yards with the chant...HI JOE...when his attitude towards anything from the land of the big apple was anything green...before going home he found solitude in the local beer.Which was a sadness of human spirit.
This trip i have noticed, nor have been hailed as HI JOE...i suspect the up coming generation perhaps does not even know that American troops were still a generation ago stationed here in the Phils i suspect the young generation is much besotted by computer games as youths at home judging by the noise in the next two booths, which for all its faults which mainly come from my generation and above is not a bad thing.There are now a growing number of people whom think they have a right to dictate what when and how one should pull down ones panties and piss. Besides that  i am well, glad from the break from work and most thankful for the people who build aircraft...for if not for the jumbo jet and its spawns i doubt much of the great unwashed would be able to sit in such but huts as i find myself today dotted around the world...So goeth

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