bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 13th March 2013.

The bug hut still draws me during the day light hours, when the spawn of youth is light and the young youths do not hanker me back in my imagination to my own youth as i think of the bewilderment in their shorts and the hot sap to be drawn out. However i should still think i would be as shy today as i was back then. When the mouth dried the legs shivered and words did not quite seem to say or anything indeed. I smile at just one such thought when a man tried to pick me up in a certain bus station and how i ended up on the bus alone...but hey life is as i try and say to my self.
On this trip i have brought throw away reading, old newspaper reviews kept for such particular thread was on people meeting each other in the famous context of coarse...two famous people shake hands, of which one's only thought was he touched a hand that felt M.Monroe's made me smile that such a suit dressed in  fame would think that way and that this picture of the rich and famous is perhaps now too much in our faces as to why what is so important about such lives to us and those who hold the printing presses think such.
There is the old adage that one should not go back that one should always look forward father time does not entertain repeats.But then again whom knows how the bell tolls.
In my head i have always had the top ten beaches i have walked barefoot on rooted in my head a form of defense against the rage of such is Tangkaan Point in Southern Leyte yesterday I took a jolly boys outing there one cannot control nature, but one can control human discarded flotsom and such a shame to see this beach in such a state, i sat on the beach starred out to sea with warm rain gently forming crazy patterns on the wave toplets, watched the scudding water taxi's earn their coins and sank some beers thinking urrrmmm what ranking now, before the jolly boys outing with their drinking and laughing and BBQ  took my mind to ho-hum...So goeth

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