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Wednesday 27th March 2013.

I am now in the crazed mixed streets of Singapore the temps are up in the, close your eyes snow birds, 80's all the fans are on all windows are open sat in a pair of shorts and am thinking Phew good for the soul as a vacation, but could i work in such a climate seeing as i am a very out door person as far as work is on the horizon...i really cannot imagine it....going off past records when for a very short time i helped on a small sheep farm in Western Australia thank goodness they had a small swimming pool to fall into after the days work had ended.
Have visited my favourite watering hole only went in for a swift social half dozen seeing as beer is served in half pint pots 2am the barman locked the door and went home so did i alone thank fully..well a small lie i ended up sleeping on the floor waiting for the first morning train home the three fates made me pay a heavy price with a few insect bites and what ever, as a lesson i am no longer 18 and should act my age..i was not drunk to the extent when i had lost all sense of smell and feeling i do not like that state it does indeed remind me of those 18 year old days of long ago i need to still feel my legs taking one step at a time...being so far from Blighty does make for me at least think the big what IF...so goeth...



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