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Sunday 31st March 2013.

Easter Sunday in up town Singapore all the fans are on and i am still dribbling..even more dribbling after just seeing some pictures posted of Yorkshire in the grip of snow....Winter...one of the longest seasons in old Blighty makes me sigh more than the panties wrapped around my mind.However it is Easter Sunday and i will try and keep slut under my hat...Yesterday i bought some Australian made Cadburys mint Chocolate kept in the fridge overnight, for the great Easter chocolate feast. For me it is such a delight i still have at home one bar bought home from OZ in 2009 so reluctant to even open it in case i never see such again,no doubt it must be well past it's sell by date but happy memories looom large in the fridge each time i open the door..as i progress to ever older age the madness i seen to consume.Yet today in this heat it is still three quarters not eaten the taste for chocolate in me has vanished..But i must still take some home.
Today i visited one of the only places in Singapore that has not been tourched to the digatal age Kranji commonwealth war grave for those whom perished during the second world war in South East Asia...to many boys lie there, to many names of the missing in neat lines adorn the high walls in white stone one can sit amongst all these ghosts and look across modern Singapore Easter Sunday i thought God i thought..no not quite..i watched the mass rapid transport system trundle below as if simply pushed by the wind, the stillness upon that hill,gave food for thought...the visitors book is still pen and paper and the headstones are still white stone bright in the sunshine..When i am long gone they will still be here..much remembered judging by the visitors book as each generation gathers, and not in vain if no more white head stones are planted amongst the neatly trimmed green grass.


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Mar. 31st, 2013 06:29 pm (UTC)
I am sentimental like you with the keeping of the old items in the refrigerator for remembering.

I just checked and saw the use by date on the one last can of beer that my dad ever brought to my house and it is 1999. Every time I clean the refrigerator I put it back in exactly the same place. He passed away, but there is always Dad's can of beer. I don't really remember if he brought it, or I bought it before he came for a visit, but it was definitely HIS.

There is also a container of coffee that the Rampant Lion bought for us at the resort we stayed at the very first time that we lay eyes on each other. That one has a 2009 best used by date on the bottom of it.

I have lots of little things around from my time with TBF or with you I guess I can call him the RL left over from our trips. When I go in my car I bring lots of little snacks and stuff. The ones that don't get eaten I put back in my pantry in one particular spot and savor them slowly until our next visit. I am such a sap.

It sounds as though you are enjoying your holiday. :)

Edited at 2013-03-31 06:31 pm (UTC)
Mar. 31st, 2013 07:47 pm (UTC)
One thing I find, when I'm looking at art or making it, is the notion that when our sun supernovas, pending scientific breakthroughs in escaping the galaxy, every scrap of art, every song ever written, every creation ever etched or committed to memory or sculpture, will be erased, slate white and clean. It makes me sad but to make such things for such a fragile, tangible legacy, fills me with awe and excitement.

I enjoyed reading about the headstones, or rather your general appreciation of the world you're in and all its intricacies.
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