bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 7th April 2013

Even though perhaps i am ten thousand miles from the sole occupant of this Hostel until i venture up into Thailand on Thursday for the wedding of all mother weddings, being able to pull my panties off tonight and sleep in my birthday suit, under as many fans as i feel like,i still feel today Sunday is Trinity Sunday...
A time when float yer boat, spank the monkey can be found in a carton of Walls Cornish Ice Cream....after a Sunday Dinner when meat and two veg screamed their way off the boil a dog day stove, on to Sundays Dinner plate for some reason, this hot Singapore night my Gran has come to whisper in my ear..perhaps hearing the families shout scream sing chatter in the night air below she probably thinks i need a hand on my elbow as the wedding comes ever closer...My Gran in the 1960's used to rush out with a bowl to fill with Cornish, when the ice cream van sailed up the road in an out of tune musical van..that is of coarse until everything turned into MR Whippy...and the 1970's when Slade blasted out Cos I Luv You and T Rex slink-ed past Ride A White Swan to Get It On as the world changed for ever more and the word PROGRESS...was the new Bible for every budding manager whom agreed to having a one flew over the cuckoo's nest bib and tuck, enabling them to throw away their roots for the Company called Progress....i think a small rant here might bring a some solitude as the pair of my best blue shorts, best white shirt, will soon be trawled from the bottom of my back pack and the performing clown will lurch forward into oblivion...
Tis not the wedding, nor the couple, tis the biggest word that has caused more wars, more deaths,more misery,the family which is why i am still looking for the Last Samurai...Whom Ever Passes This Way Tonight Peace Be With You....So Memory of old Hugh....

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