bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 10th April 2013.

Today...was a better day...rather than take the tube...i rode the bus same price, same voice, " the doors are closing " i nearly howled with laughter but managed a cheaky grin in time....the journey takes about another half hour....but the view is some what better and you do get a seat..the tube here is a victim of it's own success rat pack is the word that springs to mind..with all the wonderful Dragon ladies and boys flesh crunched together thoughts of reaching out and pinching a bottom or two or another delightful place is a war within ones self. So it was sod it day a rest from the delight of being crushed in rat mode.
i would say ninety percent of the population live in high rise...endless columns i passed some almost touching God,crouched in all this were colourful temples,old street life, shops, drinking bars before the high rise army blanketed  this island it seams to work here, rather than at home i can think of a good few tower blocks pulled down around Manchester....have delivered to a fair few full of dog-shit and beer remains after a Friday night..i could only put the difference down to climate perhaps they only sleep in them and not live for nine months of the year trying to keep warm.
Chinatown is one of my favourite spots you can observe life in all it's glory..the do you want a Rolex boys seem to have disappeared, one or two I'll make a suit for you in six hours are still surviving little old shriveled Indian men with cotton and thread wave you in..why they think i need a suit is quite beyond me...i saw a quote for a dress from twenty much chardonnay over the years brings me into line of the back end of a panto horse..rather than playing jack in the bean stalk....40 years ago perhaps I'd looked good in a sari...i giggle...what has moved with the times is the amount of tattoo palour's plenty of dragon ladies walk around with such embellishments....massage palour's are also a plenty..have you smelt these clothes i have been wearing for six weeks..perhaps next time luv...laughing as i went around the corner....time i thought to venture into an air-con city it baby...i passed a book shop so nice to see book shops still here..i am one of those who like to touch smell turn a page..i have seen on the tube..people with a note book or whatever one calls them and a mobile phone at the same time sometimes i have been agog...and yes i know you can get five thousand books in one pad..but then it's not a book..there was of coarse sited at the front an arry of Maggie books i suspect as i sit here now someone is bashing out a new book to be on the selves within days..the Sun newspaper must be trawling for something to print...however as i said time to move on so leave them to it...
it is also time for me to move on tonight this tired old machine is playing up..i do not want to loose my scribble and i am moving up into Thailand in the morning to the wedding of all weddings...may whatever i believe in so help me...for the next seven days.

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