bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 22nd April 2013.

My pink laced Black boots and a mountain of unwashed panties have now arrived safe and sound,though the sound plays a dubious tune akin to little red rooster, as i struggle to adapt to be cabbages i have to wade through in an effort to settle back into my place in this tick tock society.
For the first time i can recall for a many a pink moon Manchester airport greeted me with a basket full of sunshine and a 32F slice of temperature which i soon warmed up to when i had to find one pound for a trolly for my arry of new panties, naturally i wander around the world with a pocket full of pound coins to remind me of my grass-weed roots to the point where escape froths in the gutters of my mind.
A pound for a trolly...not the point of a pound for like supermarkets the pound returns when such as i are a good sissy and placed the trolly in the right place. Instantly i knew i was sleeping police men,CCTV...regimentation 1984 style within ten minutes of walking of the Aircraft. That obnoxious wording Third World....has indeed some wonders Trolly Boys and quite tasty are some too.
As i have travelled over time i have found parts of me, engaging in old mind games,often they say  fuck it..I'm not coming home..or new ones shrimped from sights sounds human touches.. please take me away..I've always wanted to see bewilderment at such a request my baggage burdens more shocked that people still want to come to this....this....
This trip on seeing as i had to produce a pound pink laced Black boots whispered fuck the pound..fuck the CCTV..not another step am i taking and so with a mountain of panties, tired Black boots,i arrived at the gate of smiling faces with why are you last looks amongst the hugs smiles and how are you...i smiled back..fuck the pound i have bigger cabbages to climb, masturbate. and eat..As i begin to walk down the road to realism with a glance back to the retired black boots..waving nice trip and thanks for bringing me home even if i did think fuck it... and at times " eee...hasing it turn out nice again "..sorry George for the miss quote..but you get my drift...

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