bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 6th May 2013.

Daylight has demons have dressed and ran off screaming giggling leaving a wink saying back tonight...i never had a name form them in youth it was only hearing Clint in a movie asking someone hanging on a phone about what they see when the demons come in the night, that broke the bank to flood such words within the crazy street mix that forms my mind over the years they have become friends a right flank word to protect what ever sanity lies within. Last nights, had bizarre transvestite overtones perhaps it was the good bottle of Aussie red veno or perhaps on watching D.Washington perform on the silver screen that drew in extra panty thoughts...thankfully by the time the sun reaches midday far greater things will flip and pop into my head enabling the slut within to slink away to some dark recess, waiting just waiting.
She has never forgiven me for once wrapping up all her clothes to throw into the wind in an effort to be the big John Wayne my school boy self craved, i must have left a single thread behind which the three fates have spun down the years, to remove the Big John Wayne up into the unreachable heights singing Champagne Super Nova in the sky,pointing their gnarled fingers whilst mouthing the word punishment for the extra work i caused them.

But hey..tis bank holiday Monday the sun up over the yard arm..the garden calling..and a host of golden daffodils not quite Wordsworth more of a Manchester tin bath in your face explosion with inverted comma's and much much perhaps to much imagination, will crawl over the sunshine pouring through the window, as i foster a cheerful mood with a dot comma WTF.....

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