bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 27th November 2006.

The end of the year is in sight the glow it brings is beginning to shine over the horizon each day brings another ray,another thought on the year.This tripping into the mind, is spangled in comfortable shoes,there are no egg raindrops no munch of grey cloud to tickle the ears whether i want,such a down pour or not..the irresitible trait of sinking into a cleft of depression i now take as a ritual,as simply part of me myself as the year ends and the new hope edges over the horizon,it has not always been easy, i suffer from to many wants the pandora box comes wrapped up in snake brambles the impossible dream the mountain to climb in the wind in the willows to lift the lid becomes duanting and before you know it another year spikes even more rays from the year previous over the horizon..i remember once being in a public house car park,in a massive circle the air was filled with that traditional scottish song that needs no name,the circle weaved and bobbed in a drunk'un piss line.Even with the new year a few seconds old the dream became tattered in cloths so bright,yet all i did was put on dark glasses and still strode forward..trying in vain to rewrite the fates scribbles,it is not the point that it ended i do not have any regrets on that or is that just a pocket childhood fib with fingers crossed amongst spent sweetie wrappers..but the time wasted almost a decade...gone.But this year i want to try and bannish the ritual,it probably will not work but the thought is there so that must be some beginning to sneak around in comfortable shoes and neatly let dust cloud the well worn hobnailed boots in pink ribbons.

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