bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 9th June 2013.

Today is my Trinity Sunday....the one day i can tame the Pink Elephants roaming en-mass inside my head by promising them so much before running away with the days hours, to hide amongst the folding garden blue bells returning back under the leaf mould, before the Pink Elephants catch on that i have stole their ping pong balls,just for one day.
I am joined this morning by my old friend IRN-BRU...the rich blue and orange can is grasped firmly, the taste is perhaps why Scotsmen wear kilts and sluts dream of what lies underneath.....after all i am in recovery mode from last nights attendance at a Gods BBQ....where demon drink is not held behind glass bars, whilst birthday parties break out in impromptu hymns....which i have to admit i quite like one or too..the rugged cross, abide with me, " sit down sit down for Jesus the buggers at the back can't see " all bring the sights and smells of school boy days when conkers felt heavy in the  pocket and i was almost bottom of the girls list for playground kiss chase....during the nights hours i was prompted slightly in the ribs when gods speech came around the night table under the haze of Chang Beer i did mention Hitler..and was shuffled out onto the patio to watch the night sky drift in and dream as the night flights pulling out of manchester airport twinkled in man made stars....I do admire their another beer popped especially as half the world is Hungry yet money for rockets and bombs is never short. I did think of passing my beer stock around as if five fishes alas the stones were not accepting this cranky old slut tosser as good evidence to advance into the heaven of Chang Beer...perhaps in vanity i thought what a waste too....However i survived the night..i know God was not pleased to see me there i told him i only went because of a family request to attend so he could stuff his desert faith else which he promptly put a wee-slit in my plastic pint pot..ha i thought....i have drunk dribble before when the lush groups in deep purple mode feasted at Manchester's Free trade hall..smoke on the perhaps a tribute to the wallow i survived...

But not so the hot gossip seeping up from the river bed, another god bent tale of sadness as an old worker i once floated around with in tiny red vans..has ended up finding in a pokey flat, has one dog and trips out to the pub to sit,ramble to on the score of four pints of foaming mirth before walking home..of coarse all this is probably second hand embellished long before i heard all this past week...but the one word says all Family....i also recall.............Ball Room Sweet always got him up on the dance floor thinking on it now,perhaps he had one of those families as goeth...

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