bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 10th June 2013.

Kathy's song....a purple ronnie day has slipped off the back of a roaming pink you see i have come to doubt...the only truth i know is i watch the drops of rain..i know Monday is dying another Monday of my life slips through my fingers..yet i am not fearful or unhappy my mind trips the light fantastic perhaps i am becoming old and the chitter chatter of those younger than i in the work place is boxed in a chocolate box of i stand alone without beliefs. I wince as the wireless throws unchallenged tunes flowing from the champagne super novas roaming in the dripping sky my poetry head turns a page the thumbnails crease to block the tunes creeping down the works speakers, i dip my shoulders crunch my old fingers, sigh and wonder why certain songs do not spit from the wireless to the tango of my beliefs am i in love with myself or perhaps the wine glass.
i watched a man whom had fallen out of luv with a box of soap carry two plastic bags with enough cider to sink the Queen Mary..quite easily perhaps it could have been me shuffling in the combat jacket with a small coloured union jack embalmed across one arm..the three fates perhaps today smiled across the those whom have perhaps passed this way today..peace to you....

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