bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Saturday 13th July 2013.

The weather is hot drawn and smoking, a wedding invitation lies on the kitchen table, a wedding card lies unwritten, what shall i scribble..that marriage is hard, that is is the only license in England you do not have to renew..that teddy bears and pink elephants creep from behind the wall paper at 4am in the morning to throw rocks at you or perhaps that was only me. To late for my fathers advice given to me at sixteen..luv them and leave them...not quite the classic approach nor do i think he meant falling in luv under the coconut tree either...
It is a modern marriage there are already children crawling on the carpet....and then there is always the beer yes the beer helps to drown out Lady Gaga...i would like to dress, however i do not quite think that one is for tonight..therefore i shall put on my best male face greet the proud couple with a smile,slip a few shillings in a card and scribble "marriage is full of pink elephants and teddy bears i hope you meet all the teddy bears..." i will not write best wishes or good luck i seam to think these days it puts the mockers on such an occasion...but i will keep my fingers crossed and do hope they arrive at the golden years and receive a card from the Queen..and can still laugh down the long years... 

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