bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 15th July 2013.

I found the wedding it took some time up,down the road, a revolving door of madness, bug eyed monsters leafed from the trees surrounding the iron fenced deconsecrated Chapel, i would have taken it to be methodist basic simple not big enough to swing an elephant but i suspect a rampant vicar in his day would be all most a whirlwind in his pulpit in Victorian Manchester to the cowering children in clogs below, as he thumped his bible spurting out stories of demon drunken cotton mill workers along with the worst sin of all let me whisper it masturbation...tut possibly could you work a spinning jenny after such a jettison.
The first place i head for is the bar....and i whisper quietly a pint of Bitter...the bar not bigger than two fridges put together looked back whispering have you been doing hard time or been freeze dried, Bitter..however i do have this can of John Smiths smooth flow..i nodded..Three pound a can....i stepped back looked at the high vaunted ceiling, the small up stairs seats area for those whom did not want to be so close the great unwashed i sighed god was not here tonight,put hand in pocket if there was any Yorkshire in me at would have said fuck off..not only did i do it once  but a good few times..just think of the happy couple..yes yes i know their special day..and so can in hand thankfully a real glass pint pot..i ambled into the fray and watched the bride large..oooohhhh..i do like large, dressed in white sorry sorry, the first open dance to the tune of a track so unbareable i cannot bring myself to even print i fled to the small grave yard outside, Deconsecrated  meant the head stones had become irrelevant  pushed over and were now scattered  broken, derelict, names dates could still be read better to be used  to hold chairs than perhaps pissed on and such. As the night grew,still holding  the warmth, i sat with my beer and watched the parade of folk, dance drink become comatose, ladies in high heels become spinning tops as they teetered  towards waiting taxi's as the only people on the dance floor were the happy couple keeping each other erect.
High heels i thought long ago abandoned by me but after watching the parade..i just might, minus the amber nectar they were all quaffing..all in all a good night if i had been an author there was at least a good short story there. 

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