bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 23rd July 2013.

The Sunshine burst these past few weeks has now spat, dogs bollocks dribble down the window,at alarming speed the grey slates across the way glisten in the fall out from the sky. God is having a long piss just to remind me just how fallible life can be, as all is not rosy in the imaginary  can of baked beans i stare into with my minds eye.
I take another sip of Coco-Cola at this hour of the new day,which means too much wine last night brought on " in didn't we do well " in the current Ashes series my vanity tells me rejoice simply because this must be smarting in Aussie underpants and they will not like it,as the old Poms run in and bash them. Been such a long time coming how many hours have i poured over the wireless groaned sighed sinking into melancholy madness as bat and ball has not swung England's way the hours far too many to even contemplate as i shrug at such a thought.
A few glasses of wine last night de-concentrated the nightly capture of demons whom roam freely around my mind during the dark hours, i am now to old to weary, to fight them off with anything but a shrug and ho-hum as they come in swarms pissing and shitting in murky foaming masses drowning out any sense i try to make of it all when i wake lay for a few moments to contemplate their sniggers before the lurch of the Protestant work saddle burs my body to hit the clock to punch my way towards the green goddess i worship each Friday..there was a time when i could smell taste feel the green giving me a sense of wow, the sort i used to feel when masturbation erupted in the school a smirk only i could understand in thinking i was the only one. However the removal of the truck act by the Thatcher, ever increasing taxes, has made me begin to ask what is the Fridays sink that bit lower in the hit and miss of sense with a soft pause for thought as the young ones break through to begin the green goddess chase over the next fifty years i shrink from such a magnitude, watch the dogs bollocks dribble down the window, and remind myself that there is a sale on in real suspender belts and sissy slut has been shouting real hard, i smile nice to be comfortable with her inside even the demons cannot bat their games to shake that confidence which was a long time coming especially in the manly 70's where i spent my youth licking the windows of ladies clothes shops at night before the start of towns and cities become shutter oblivion at night..I bought my first panties in Woolworth's at the age of 16 the feeling i suspect for me was standing on the top of Everest it was that hard to drive me into the shop...i is...

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