bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 16th September 2013.

Have i been busy...or simply lazy....has the white screen been hidden behind the flickering candle spoken always tomorrow, scuppered with a yard brush within the hands of some slut looking for more than a candle, perhaps so..Autumn begins the road to melancholy madness, nettles droop, cows munch as steam catches the mushroom air, Blackberries hang watered by rain, stray dog piss adds flavour. Will i see any of this on the road to Nottingham..nostalgia i have eighteen years of Winnie the Poo finally throwing the last few poo sticks before a room empties..i wonder if my Mother felt as i do about the coming roaring down the motorway perhaps that was in a can of monster...i remember the day i left home at sixteen climbing through the kitchen window with only the clothes i had....time in a cobweb..
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