bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 24th November 2013.

WELL….says the big blank white screen…
Ho-Hum…thinks i…certainly been awhile…the cloak of Ho-Hum became wrapped in the lazy words of always tomorrow, the lure of looking at TV's on the dark screen,the nudity of hairy caterpillars marching up the wallpaper, and something else throb in tune to spitting dragons, plus the catapult of work making the eyes squint towards the horizon of retirement has not been an easy Ship to steer in the roaring winds spliced through November.
My 58th Birthday fell into a bottle of vino-verde along with any other grape i could suck dry which took my mind of other suckable things that also spit as dragons in my imagination as fonting-dancers full of Stones best bitter one of those beers from youth which made liquid pour out from all crevices and leave one with a nasty bang between the old ear drums…at twenty pence or under a pint back then i simply Ho-humed until he next time froth drew my attention…
This has not been the best 58th November not that i can recall that many of them unless prompted by old music and curled up photo's…It has been a month of the grim reaper with a blade so sharp shaving the hairs of tomato's has been a pinch in a tight school boys pocket..careful careful…the Typhoon in the Philippines has been a gas for all the wrong reasons the house where i stayed lost its roof and the view from the back door once dense jungle is now a view with the sea shore..they are not a people to cry many rivers as the rebuild begins and the Philippine Government, plus the ruling class certainly know how and when to do the big rip off over the common folk…however all those i know are well.
The grim reaper has also been close to home November seems to be the month when the noose calls for a young postal worker, trains need jumping in front of trains in France,plus a close postal chum whom always said he would not see 60…has been saying it for the past twenty years which we both laughed at as our birthdays are pretty close will not be drinking from a bottle anymore….If i sit down and dwell on such facts rolling through these past ten days i would probably go insane looking for reasons of Why….But i Ho-hum think fondly of them pull up my collar brace against the November winds and plod on North…as ever looking for my Last Samurai….wearing my wrinkled stockings humming all gas and gaiters….of coarse

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