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Wednesday 1st January 2014.

The days of wandering down City streets trying to hail a taxi at 4am on New Years eve have evaporated to be left in the memory can of youth, along with the worms which wriggle-piggle bringing even darker thoughts than already lay sweating away from youth days in some corner of the can, perhaps they are looking for an escape to the petals of giant sunflowers where should they reach cloud burst even Goblin cocks tremble.
However on this particular eve as i watched the sun slide down past the urban carbuncle brick work of this city within a city known as the giant rain drop or should i call it by its real name Manchester. I ho-humed thinking, can i be bothered or simply slip away as the last drop of wine pinches my bum at what ever hour the last drop plops from the glass…I did watch the sun settle behind the trees i did kiss it goodnight felt the last bit of crimson warmth thought for a few moments on the highs and lows of 2013…and perhaps thought it was a reasonable year for my own goals in my hunt for the last Samurai though the world is still at war with it's self…I was not required to be sissy in the kitchen which gives me that little buzz in giddiness some sissy's enhance or suffer from in their lust for more domination…i did behave and not fall in a drunken stupor and did manage to keep my eyes open until 1.45am of which i had a good cheer from by those i left behind…I was not one of the billions to see the Sydney fireworks nor did i think i should be hog tied in the crush watching the london firework display i did feel sorry for them stood in the pouring rain and did say a few wow's as the television panorama-antic's filled the screen…for the last few years i have sat and watched Jules Holland Jazz it up paying particular attention to the mature juicy crones to see what they were wearing….I did comment on Ray Davies from the good old Kinks the singing of Lola, a transvestite anthem quite a blessing for my old Transvestite self as i cooooo'd…. My comment was not for his tune, but i could not get over his attire in wearing Pumps…sorry  Trainers on his feet i repeated enough times to be told to shhh….by which time the old pillow called.
On e first day of each year i pick a word to carry me through the Forlorn Regiment of Winter which once i used to suffer quite badly in the capacity of the melancholy madness and onwards and upwards through the summer months..this year the word DISPATCH has climbed into my bra and panties to wriggle away with many yes and must do's..so here goes for the next 365 days all whom have read this far..luv and peace to you all... 


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Jan. 2nd, 2014 01:00 pm (UTC)
Sweetie, WHAT a wondrous pronouncement you managed to create yesterday (whilst the rest of us were coping with varying degrees of hangover!)... yours is truly a vademecum* for the 14th year of the still-new milennium!

As a Yank, I wasn't aware of the phrase "... to be sissy in the kitchen" -- but think it quite eloquent of you. Not to mention "sissy's... lust for more domination"!! (You naughty thing...)

I too love "Lola" and vastly enjoy the presumption that millions of nominally straight souls remain blissfully unaware that it IS a transvestite anthem, ever as they sing along.

I'm also pleased no end that "the word DISPATCH has climbed into [your] bra and panties" to light the way forward.

Happy 2014!!


* "concise manual or reference book providing specific information or instruction about a subject or place"...

Edited at 2014-01-02 01:01 pm (UTC)
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