bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 28th January 2014.

I survived…Down The Rabbit Hole Day….by riding around with the Mad Hatter rolling around my head for most of the day, he was quite intrigued by my panties though i could not convince him to take off his trousers..sigh…but then again neither could at least one story has not been turned into lollipop sticks nor launched into orbit by the throwing of Poo sticks over some bridge into a brook crossing life...
I am now beginning to climb into the baggage of 2014…how easy to slip into a fresh year how easy to scribble 2014…..another key along the pad…year of the Horse galloping by this Friday, what will i crunch, perhaps something more tasty than Chow and Chopsticks…my soul tumbles around the year 1974 much thought has been given to the path i came across in the wild woods of the time as i trawl the fishing nets of work…Perhaps Four is going to be the big number for my soul this year…the ticking clock will tell so to the black footed Goblins already peering from behind the peeling wall is indeed...

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