bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 2nd February 2014

Sat with a can of IRN-BRU…darkness has fallen the day declines once more, My old friend King Canute sits no longer on the seas shore trying to push back the tide, but deep in my soul a mere speck of history that some how seeped in from the school desk i once sat, we chat now and then when the going gets tough, mostly though through winters Gloom he is glad of the company. So too perhaps he sits in my Mind…playing with his immortal wanderings.
To the west of me the Super Bowl is about to start an ocean of pop corn splutters, the call of the crow on the wing fires up all that manhood..all that cock in one place..sigh sizzle drool…to the east of me the Chinese new year is in full swing, drunken China men singing can be heard on the far side of Mars…it is not  pretty on the ear….and does not earn the title Champagne Super Nova….In the middle of all this is the vast faith desert been fighting for centuries and perhaps will fight some more if Jesus was walking the streets perhaps he would be at Super Bowl…or leading the singing in down town Singapore he certainly would not be in the desert not even he could fix that combustion engine on full throttle….As for me very much fem mode tonight cannot think why..perhaps if i followed Jesus back in those school day assembly's  i would perhaps not ended up a transvestite…ha…..

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