bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 6th September 2006.

Once more up with the larks,kisses sent and fishnet stockings bridled across the mind,the night has not quite gone,a blur of street light lingers on the odd whoosh of catterpillar tracks in the formed combustion engine mode.My last days of leave are steadily decreasing,work is already forming in the mind;have already had the call regarding overtime so it has indeed started.
Thus i wonder how this will effect my blogging fingers,will i become the usual lip wrist and just sit here and think tomorrow whilst i catch up on news, from the land of green wellies and double forty-two's tied up in dreams of eating luv juice behind the lure of fishnets.Or simply sink into oblivioned japanese porn which has sustained my rampant eyes all these years mind you my favourite models are beginning to wane,is that my old age or simply infrequent photo's available..thank goodness i had the fore thought to download...for that time when old age is just a gleam amongst the taxmans wants.
I wonder then the state of the PC world..will youngsters be born with them strapped to their heads or even embedded, will that day come, for we are already embeded in 1984..and how people phoo phoo'ed that..probably only Winnie is the one still smiling.

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