bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 18th February 2014.

I am sober…the weekend cork screw tempest tossed has passed am only armed with a fizzing Coco-Cola….i must try and train myself not to pull faces in front of this machine, giggle, or any other antic whilst the Chardonnay Bubbles invade my Soul, exploding wild words with cocks and corks spluttering on this giant white screen in unison enough for me to edit next day and go wow sigh in the same hunched breath..what ever will the Last Samurai think should i find him resting in some Orange Grove….perhaps….Any one would think i was mad better pinch myself to see if it's true…i smile..quaff another bubble of Cola…and float away in the biggest bubble i can find, as i prick away this Tuesday night, as time ticks and i can see the Night Goblins already becoming alarmed i am not between the covers..Good night all whom pass this way….So Goeth...

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