bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 17th December 2006.

I awoke this morning knowing why Newcastle Brown Ale has developed such a name as bottle of dog and yet it does not stop me from drinking a few bottles when i can find them in a pub,for from my recent observations it is becoming increasingly hard to find the space once reserved for such a beer.The dark shelf space is now taken up with some glaring colourful bottle which youth seem to want in this era..mention brown ale to them and they think of old men with cloth caps and ferrets down their trousers.Perhaps this is so..but what a waste of life if they have not at least tasted one bottle rather than feed on colourful liquid fed to them by large and glaring advert hoardings and " you'll be a man my son " if this chemical larger is poured down your throat.
It used to worry me and i can remember me and Jeff as we slowly dribbled down the seats in the club,as the table grew with empty glasses wondering why this was so and would it kill off real beer..however the years have passed Jeff is no longer with us,perhaps in heaven or hell or maybe some where better if faith is not the boat you float and the fact that real beer has not quite died brings at least some hope for the future.Maybe when youth become old men like myself they wake up to all that chemic slurped and pumped out of those wonderful cocks,thus drinking something rich in history as well as taste.
But that is my thoughts and now at this time we can still have our own thoughts..the future who knows each year more laws come forth placed they say for our protection but i think personally that is a load of bollocks.George Orwell must me playing with his cock,spitting out feathers knowing that his predictions have indeed come true.When i first came on the net,i had that perception that gosh freedom,now years on i do not think the freedom is quite there..write something dreadful about society leaders and i bet that there would be a knock on the door during the dark hours.

Maybe it is the Newcastle Brown ale..or perhaps the cock i saw last night thinking gosh i could suck that,which is making my mind dribble forth.Perhaps too it was a good night to be out with a group of young lads about to go on their Christmas party all smelling delightful rather than the blue uniform tagged with all the clustered rules worked within.It was hard to not talk about work..but it was made.conversations patched around usual male subjects sex,sport,music.The beer flowed bringing time eventually to the train departure they were working towards..i waved those perfumed cocks away thinking perhaps one day..with that i left went and picked up a takeaway and home called.

So as i sit here on this sunday reflecting moments of yesterday with fingers crossed as the internet wireless plays out the live cricket coming from Australia,for once we are performing quite well,even after all these years technology still has me in awe.Perhaps too i feel a tiny bit of loss also as this wireless is coming from Perth and the Wacca..which i have driven so close too during my visits to see my favourite people both happy,sad, moments flood in as the voices play havoc now with time.

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