bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 25th March 2014.

Dear White Screen of Death…Surprised….
Depends on how long you stay..
Sadly not long tonight you know same old same old…
Well at least you have arrived…How are you….
A Coco Cola mood..
Arrhh mouth full of bubbles and not much else, missing the cream then,
Ha did you guess…
Knowing you not much of a guess…and….???
Other than that fine for this time of year…Winters grip is hard to smack off, April next week at least the three worst months are out of the way and April so unpredictable only the leaf mould knows what is coming up over the horizon…But i have survived another winter with my sanity in amongst a box of chocolate frogs, my hunt for the last Samurai ever on going and as for my old friend King Canute i cannot wait to stand on the beach glimpse far out to sea hear the seagulls scream, dig my bare feet into the sand,perhaps walk one day nude..
Ha, you and that nude walk..
Yes i know would have to be evening do not want to scare even the Goblins…but you know how daft i can be…
Your better off going dressed as the Bitch..with that wind coming off the Irish Sea…not Australia you know….
Yes thought of that too…lol…
Anyway nice to see you come back soon..give the Bitch a hug from me…
What ever do you mean…now don't blush or get soppy…
Get away with you…
Yea goodnight, So Goeth…for my old friend Hugh…peace be with him...
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