bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 11th May 2014.

The clock ticks…the rush of rubber tyres out side this window is half hearted..i can see the finger nails of the Black Goblins inching closer to the handle, they murmur for me to let them in dancing and gibbering on the ledge, i stare, look away pretend they are Bisexual Giant Moths way off their radar in search of glass Rose Goths. I do hope the rain will come again and wash them away but they know better and i do too, that before long i will let them in who else will be in my dreams tonight certainly not some tempest tossed member, all full of that wonderful nectar….such as i crave for….ha i say to myself….Reflecting on the past week away from the saddle of work..that all was not lost and a week away form Black Goblins is good for the soul…
I managed to pick the only day the rain has not fallen to visit Chatsworth Stately Home requested by the Tiny one, simply because of the film Pride And Prejudice, and a certain Mr Darcy….Last time i was there was 1966 for the Game Fair the memory is still viivd simply because i was with my father i can remember the loud speakers giving out the score for the world cup final….the huge sigh when the Germans scored even ruffled the grass, the shooting sticks, the spaniels never wavered but i sighed as perhaps most of us did whom had snotty noses and coarse shorts perhaps i was ten oblivious to the words masturbation…not caught in the desire for female clothes and politics spoiled children's hour on the Television….Going this week bothered me simply for the opulence in a abundance my political horizons are full frontal their would be no L.S. Lowry  hanging on the walls no Tony Ben screaming from the Ramparts.
Keeping such thoughts to myself…i foot-falled around the house…amongst mass of Grey Nomads and camera clicking peoples from the Far East their was certainly not history of ten in a bed, the libray was fabulous but sad i doubt if any book had been lifted out in a hundred years  …There was a Room to give quotes surrounding the estates First World War Anthology…a open book with an invitation to scribble a few lines on your own family history..i only knew a smattering of my Grandfather in the trenches, he was one of those whom came home and never spoke about it again….
A heartening note was there are now over 800 workers behind the walls i did not want to rant and rave about politics perhaps i am too old for that i simply sat and bought an ice cream and sat in the sunshine..with a request to go again from the Tiny one i smiled and watched the ducks waddle through the tables and chairs and they do like ice cream..
The rest of the week was bits and bobs around the humble abode far to much vino verde consumed whilst visiting Transvestite chat rooms on the web well you have to smile sometimes when twanging the old bra straps…Time i think to let in the Black Goblins work in the morning….Take care everyone if you have got this far... 

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