bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 18th May 2014.

I awoke this morning in Nottingham on a blow up bed..with not a trace of a blow-up doll in sight perhaps she left in the middle of the night perhaps she was simply just a whim of an imagination perverted by a one to many glass of Chardonnay…during the coarse of the previous evening spent in a tiny chatter box room full of university students wine unloosens my tongue as all manner of gibberish pours forth with each glass i consume, judging by the smiles this morning rising out from beneath that blow up bed, i passed with no climbing on the ceiling or any other strange antic's during the dark hours…
I was in Nottingham to help celebrate a 19th Birthday….i did all the usual asking myself where, how, why, have those years passed in the old cliche in the blink of an eye….syndrome, i feel when such occasions reap the wild oats scattered across all four winds….my old friend King Canute simply smiled shook his head and perhaps thought i was going to scribble a message to place in one of the empty wine bottles..there was no trace of the Last Samurai….nor was any energy left to throw Poo sticks over any bridges along the way…
Nor did i think of when the age of 19..visited myself for such visions are scatted in dust and ruffled old history books….i watched the hopes dreams of the students and silently thought glad tis not myself approaching perhaps fifty years worth of work ahead….phew i thought, ate the chocolate cake ravished some noodles and tried not to stare too hard at the young flesh before me.

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