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Wednesday 3rd January 2007.

I am really missing the bitch and it is already day three of the new year,i wish she was so very near,alas the three fates have other ideas and so i must wait until a time that might come and then what,if i should stand before her..who would come out first to play.
Today i never saw the sun it shrunk behind the clouds in one of those dark moods,of sod off..!!! and leave me in peace..which is maybe the mood the bitch is in, worn out by life itself the daily churn of this wheel mankind has created, or is it really us, me, that makes us trawl through the under growth catching the leaf mould looking for the cunt in life.The imagination is all,it is perhaps the only freedom we have left..since all the gains of the 1960's are vanishing before our very eyes and for whom the bell tolls is playing very loud.Yet those that are plying this trade are our very own generation the flower power generation are giving us a good fucking and yet we say nothing except shrug our shoulders pull our collars up to the wind slip on our soft shoes and look for the music which lit the candle of hope back in those now far off days that they seem almost to have not have happened,becoming almost biblical by the fact did it really happen..i have heard bob dylan in the supermarket playing to buckets full of green cabbage in between buy one,get one free,if i mention this to others of my generation..the old wordage if your doing nothing wrong why worry..i cannot help thinking of that poem..verse...or whatever..with the line first they came for...and i did nothing.It sings to me..making me watch the sky..today i saw three herons flying low i thought of there beauty grace i stood and watched as they flew past in silence i took great heart that all the world is not shitty and not even the political correct can stamp on such flight.They reminded me of some one dear to me someone found in this swamp to light the miners lamp and swing at least some hope.

For once my mother gave something worth while during the festive season a gift voucher for Boarders..ohh i thought..a book and some music...i choose Oasis and the track wonderwall was on which again reminds me of someone close..the book well i am beginning to doubt and feel like closing the cover and giving to the dust bunnies after being so excited that i could just dribble at the though of turning over the pages the open few chapters were wow..and i thought gosh..and then something i usually do not do happened i turned to almost the end and read one or two sections..and i have to say my heart sank..the word deviant came up in big black letters..and i thought gosh is that possibly me also...i wonder if it says in the bible though shalt not suck cock on any page..and why should i be a christian..?? and is it my fault that rather than spend sunday morning in a church i would given the chance be sank beneath a pew sucking cocks rather than singing hymns and then walking out into the sunshine and blowing up a few muslims.If i had been going to church all my life would the London bombings have not happened are we lost in the west because who the fuck is god...and other humans think god is the best thing since sliced bread..aaarrhh well back to the journey..one step on the clod is at least a stride forward.


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Jan. 4th, 2007 05:49 am (UTC)
"god" is whoever or whatever we make he/she/it to be. Believe in herons, believe in cocks as your god, whatever makes you stop in wonder, whatever you believe is goodness and light, whatever makes you want to kneel in reverence to...if it gives your life meaning, purpose, hope, joy? If it inspires you and lifts you up from the muck isn't it god? If it gives you pleasure and hurts none...Religion is what drives the masses to church......spirituality is what allows god to "live" elsewhere, outside of the boxes in which "religion" says god must abide. Namaste.

Deviant is such an ambiguous term, Jesus, Abraham, Mohammed, all the Desert Fathers of note were all deviants by definition of the word. It seems to me that those who are hurling shalt nots about this and that are just trying to shift the attention away from their own violations of someone else's shalt nots. Might makes right only as long as something stronger doesn't come along to smite the smiters. In the 60s we conformed to non-conformity, now the non-conformist have sold out and subscribe to all the shalt nots they thumbed their noses at. "I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now..."
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