bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 15th September 2014.

Ssssshhhh...Do not mention the word Europe it has become the word to be scribbled on the back of the toilet door, i have just returned from Barcelona Spain....were on Thursday i stood infront of riot police dressed in all their kit..standing there i simply thought wow must be hot in all that garb...and all those cocks boiling away made me smile..the people on the streets in bright t-shirts and waving flags do not want to be part of Spain never mind Europe...Luckily there was no mass charge to remove the great unwashed for whom singing and marching around the City in an party atmosphere covered in flags was enough for tha day....
Scotland this week are voting whether to brake up the union...and move away from England...The finacial world think this is a big mistake the great unwashed thiks that Hadrians wall should be rebuilt all the jocks given a lollipop and sent home should the yes vote come in. Sometimes big is not wonderful..have the peoples of Europe had enough of Big Brother is watching you.. was adding the old Easten Block Countries a step to far....Europe started of as the Common Market for simply one i know now admits to voting yes back in the seventies...
Besides that i simply shrug smile glad i was in barcelona for a few days shopping eating and not worrying about the working saddle oh and some nice leggings for winter..did i say winter ba-humbug....

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