bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 21st September 2014.

I can hear my clock ticking on the otherside of the room, i try not to dwell on it to much as the clock bends its hands in a formation i am powerless to stop sometimes it is a comfort with so much change i have witnessed this past two weeks just in my own tiny life never mind the hum-drum world out there bashing away...the odd rush of rubber tyres swooming out side the window means night has fallen and time soon to fall into the pillow full of jumping Black Goblins already warming ther pink laced hob-nailed boots as long as they go by the sunrise of the new day i shall survive the bumps bites of the night....
I have spent the last two weeks away from the saddle of work, it has been a joy so much if i could retire from this dragnet tomorrow i would..they say what will you do..i sigh run my hand a cross a small bump  and think yippie.....just to pull on my stockings for more than a few hours or a scampered day amongst the bull rushes of transvestite-ism.. would be a wonderful start...thank fully it is so easy for the young ones coming through whom have been touched by this urge..way of life or whatever else is printed on the side of lifes lucky bag... with all this modern tecno it does seem eaiser to gather whom one is....rather than even in the young 70's era...looking for answers as to why i pulled on some of my Aunties clothes and felt this urge just mushroom into this life long road of OOOooo, well at least i smile...and have had a good few through the past two weeks perhaps one golden moment was on Barcelona Beach where into my vision came this Rather large lady exceedingly mature in nothing but a bright red thong her heavy breasts swaying in the heat...i stopped watched and thought how well she looked and what confidance she had to sway across all the young youth with their flesh fleaing everywhere...under the burning sun...
So goeth...

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