bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 30th September 2014.

And so Summer bleeds down beyond the leaf mould..the " summer of 2014 "..does not somehow sing of the tongue unlike the " Summer of 69 "....there is no biff bash riff of cords just the torn out page of the calender...floundering in the waste paper basket....the next three months belong to melancholy madness if i am caught without my panties.
Perhaps there are only two hours remaining of September..will i remember any of it this time next year, or five years hence, as i sit here Auto-Pilot rings in my head the cabbages and excess baggage rock and roll amongst the crazy streets i have gathered all these years in my mind a sort of tumbling dice in fishnets and not the sought you catch fish in either...i am at this moment content....out of ten...i give this September for me myself a nine...wowowo...i think perhaps too much....and for this past summer as a hole perhaps seven i score mainly on Sunshine felt on my face, to feel that heat, to squint into the distance to lay naked in the grass whilst insects yell get dressed you old fart of coarse i ignore....i have seen the sun more times than fingers and toes on my body which for Manchester England is praise enough. Will i remember green Coco-Cola once tasted and i think not again..the host of books on the 14-18 war which is still talked about even after one hundred years..the stone plinths still stand proud in each village...whispering ghosts catch me off guard amongst the peeling wall paper...and for those whom have hit the self distruct button on thier Livejournal's and deleted all..i sigh the longest..and as my old friend Hugh whom would often finish his daily scribbles with So Goeth...i bid all whom pass this way a fond Good Night and bring on October and all the Ugg's that go with it for i am ready....Ha....

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