bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 26th October 2014.

It's four in the morning...Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat hangs in my head cutting chips he is now the big eighty and has pushed out Popular problems...two tracks stick in my panties....Did i ever love you...You got me singing....both of which i have played on repeat in my tiny red van..this month that tiny red van has been trundling around brook and dale for thirty three years..i perhaps am in need of a famous blue rain coat..or perhaps i have turned into one as i have witnessed my England turn away around the bend under the beat of change. Today is the offical ending of British Summer Tiime as the clocks go back one hour in traditional day light saving to help the farmers bring in the crops on a war long gone..
When a certain faith....whom i will not even  whisper just in case i am dragged away in my panties by the Political Corrective Police and stoned to death by pregnant Green Jelly Babies rules this green and pleasant land will the clocks stop....The first Sunday in November is traditionally Rememberance Sunday for the fallen in the great war and beyond i sometimers ask myself why they bothered. A church notice i passed the other day did not call it that perhaps they too did not want to drown in a sea of who flung Green Jelly Babies..either....perhaps we should not even call it England any more just reserve the name for the top of chocolate boxes with the quaint picture of rose cottage embossed...for those quaint visitors whom might tramp through what is left of England with cameras and a famous blue rain coat made in Hong Kong across their shoulders....
At this hour of the morning i am perhaps dancing with the prince of darkness...perhaps when the sun rises some bits and bobs of my old England will shine on..perhaps i am in this solitude..because a modern tecno machine from Australia informed my mind ealier in the week that i might become a grandad...indeed i smiled fancy a transvestite becoming one of those.....So Goeth...

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