bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 11th November 2014.

I am whispering to myself words from the Monkees Daydream Believer...i do not usually scribble here with music coming from this here machine, one my singing voice has not recovered from being pulled out from the ranks of my fellow class mates, for even at the age of 10 for perhaps being tone deaf, thankfully i was one of three to sit on the bench clasping hands perhaps thinking..WTF..however i had not heard such words at that age we were perhaps the last generation of innocence Man had not quite landed on the moon, nor could beer be made to fart in a whirlwind .....Mrs Dodds one of those old fashion Scottish teachers large, buxom, with an air about her that could peel an orange in your pocket from one hundred yards whilst sucking out the pips..she did teach me one thing respect large ladies...whether the erotic bliss for large ladies came from her is unknown but bless her where ever she peels oranges.....
The other reason i do not press play on my the fact i drift off..into the high seas of fantasy, even if it is only of standing next to an elephant wondering how many balloons fit inside it's head....whilst staring in wonder as to why God indeed made such a creature....
Which is why..i will say so goeth..and bid all whom pass this way love and peace where ever they may roam....

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