bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 16th November 2014.

Tis but 4am...the clocks sing, echo around the shadows of the new day, the odd rush of rubber tyres outside this window tangle in sound with the fizz of bubbles from this open can of my side to bring life to my mind in the hope of switching it on for the last day of my Birthday the ripe old age of 59...a week to sit drink, think, feel, is perhaps well earned or selfish vanity...which ever today is also my Trinity Sunday which reminds me of childhood burnt roast beef vegatables that screamed of boil them to death 1960's style, when food for the English was something one had to do and perhaps nothing else, we small childeren even then were still perhaps in awe of the war rations our parents endevoured to eat..leave one pea on your plate and even more harrowing stories erupted of the war years..we were the children of the..." Children should be seen and not heard..."...amongst many other words clumped together to make sure we knew, spouted at us in the flight of flying chickens...of coarse there were good times, new adventures, life itself poured over us in jelly fashion babies came from under bushes out of ovens..i recall in the school playground a class mate saying his sister told him an injection in the arm brought babies....into the world....i was fourteen before i heard the word i will go into the supermarket here a mass of screaming babies and perhaps a three year old will tell me to fuck off....before picking up a packet of Coco Pops and scamper back to the shopping trolly....time has indeed hot roasted these last 50 years...quite where too is perhaps in the desert on a horse with no name.. " in the desert you can remember your name cause there ain't no one to give you no pain...."....this 70's tune will play in my head for most of the day i will smile and be thankful for the week past and enjoy the last few hours before i once more climb on the horse with no name and ride once more into the butchers yard of modern work...So Goeth...

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