bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Friday 5th January 2007.

Today the sun scored for a miracle second,not even enough to grow a sweat on a soldier ants brow,instead the drizzle rain peace meal soaked the mind into stardust jelly fish.Trinkets danced before my mind far more than the stretched voice radiating from the wireless,in stead of the cricket voice, a tamil tiger was giving his view on the world only then did i sink to the depths that this cricket tour has sunk beneath even the most remote troglodyte left on this planet.Shibboleths i thought and in between the rain drops i held my breath for a few glittering seconds to feel alive in the monsters that sit on my hypocritical shoulders during this period of blue funk,the collar pulled up over the fading hair the mind ravaged by gusts of words seeing me do,or should i really behave like this and why am i not a moron in sheep's clothing strutting the fence going Barr..why are there not enough of us to bring this to the fore front of the bent forced plastic tooth paste tube or would that be real a cosmos of thought dribbling down the dust pipe..what a great shame the Status Quo tune in " my chair " does not become the mouth of today...

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