bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 9th December 2014.

The first December...the culprits a bottle of Red Wine, Conversation around the Kitchen table until the early hours when all the cats are put out to scream and hiss around the undergrowth looking for wee beastie goblins...hence i never sat yesterday before this machine that draws myself on most nights.
Another Yard towards the big festive day when snugglepuss hides beneath the dinner table away from drunken feet and small children armed with hat pins....the weather today was pot noodle in a crisp packet, rain wind cascaded across my tiny red van..however i made the day without squashing any roaming worms slithering across the carriage way, my soul bounced through the small spots it encountered in this urban gnostic dwarf befuddled dragon pit of a city..the two young lads standing in the cold night, in shadows cast by the blur of street lights smoking one of those things that make the eyes see flying cars...the smell a smoke screen of wants their age i was addicted to masturbation life as they say is a myth clothed in sweet wrappers and drawn from one of those child's lucky bag of long ago....i hunched my shoulders climbed in to my tiny red van and left them to their enjoyment...
Christmas Trees have mushroomed in every corner...they look nice contented adding colour to the grim dark weather this time of year carries up from the leaf mould and hangs and hangs for what feels like forever....So Goeth...

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