bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 9th January 2007.

Today the rain fell and fell all the devils fingers came out at once protruding into my mind asking questions what the hell was i doing stood on the wind swept mountain top..was the end coming it sure looked like it, even the trees screamed enough their drowning fingers bare knuckled black with tense lashings dribbling ego's crashed in the branches birds hovered then shrank back not even the bats came from the clinging bell the wireless squirted this morning on yet another super star series i could take no more i wilted surely enough do the people really want all this were has choice gone,down in the depths of trash bagging, pink ribbons bob and weave please no sheep no heard instinct no words as cabbage fed coming down the dust pipe..the working day ended the walk home brought the say of legs in hard soaked trousers but would rather be in silk stockings the hungry lipstick became bread and the door closed and life began..the Christmas tree once more found comfort in the darkness no more eyes watching whom got what or giggled because ribbons were not on everything all the gifts my mother gave poppet have quietly been put in a paper bag and will sink once more as every year into the cellar..such a shame and wasted thought a simple apple would have made more sense given the taste of first life if i could believe such...but no as i become older the sadder i become on faiths that crawled out of the desert how did they spread so, surely not just words..surely human nature must have fed greed and reward some where down the line what fools sat around camp fires being preached by stories when up above lay the moon and stars.But that was then where indeed were the wise men and were they aliens.
But i am here now after a dogs day rain fest...i have become the dog my mind has out stretched my sac,my nipples scream yet i am calm.
I read today in one of my favourite lady blogs..though how she would react to such a label i am not sure,however she is part of the jigsaw puzzle in this journey...she talked about the big LUV day coming up and how some people send pins to those they hate or something along those lines maybe i have it back to front but the cloud lies heavy..she went on to say she hated nobody which bode well,i thought gosh could you send a hat pin of luv for those that live on the dark side,put alas my time is up....

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