bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 21st December 2014.

Proud Mary..Creedence Clearwater revival..1969...3.08..mins.....Mr Brightside..the Killers..2004...3.46..mins....the contrast is over whelming the kitchen bursts under such pressure people ask my why i do not watch television there is my answer....Today i pulled on my work saddle stepped into the world and gunned gears around the tiny country roads pulling envelopes out of red piller boxes...Merry Christmas came some cries...a tiny girl so quiet...slipped a single letter into my bag we looked at each other both speechless....myself weary of the word pedophile...perhaps the spelling is wrong..perhaps life is wrong..perhaps sigh is not enough..perhaps in her innocense she did not know..the concrete sky above us buffeted our confusion and we parted the fork in the road,alone.. the pebble strangled the kicking stone..the peach in the sky remained silent..
My Sixties mind did not grasp..perhaps the three mature ladies did, perhaps they were in those years in thier own glory..a man with a Dylan T-shirt..bought a copy of the Mail on Sunday...i is they goeth...

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