bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Thursday 1st January 2015.

The only this age or indeed climate during New Years Eve to venture on the town is perhaps if i let the slut loose in some wild dress to freeze amongst the urban sprawl where hailing a taxi during the darkest hour, is almost mission impossible, watching people lying in the gutter or perhaps watching some couple fumbling in some shop doorway no longer catches visions i care to take away in a tired old shopping bag...had i been home alone, then perhaps i would not have bothered at all to hear the chimes of Big Ben.. nor watched the splendid fireworks across the river Thames, whist feeling safe at home with a glass of Chardonnay, or perhaps admired some of the dresses guests paraded themselves in on Jules Holland Hoot Nanny show following.
I am not forlorn nor has melancholy madness gripped me quite yet in this bleak winter....Its just all that hope not just for myself but for the peace and love for the whole wide world drips into empty bottles by the time dawn arrives...all that uummph..i have felt for those brief seconds   is already ripped by the first media news cast should i turn on the television or pinched on the wireless none of which i have done today. Perhaps all those years when i did venture out with the mind of a school boy with pockets stuffed with string, conkers, empty chocolate wrappers i hoped to much....
One thing advancing age brings to me at this time of year is the large amount of people whom have passed through me some for fleeting seconds, some myself i have let drift through my mind, others have faded into ghosts. I no longer make vast new years resolutions that are impossible to up chocolate indeed...!!!! Slut has been whispering in my ears for much of just some gentle promises to her will surfice....All whom Pass this way love and peace to you all and MAY..the new year hold true.....for you...

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