bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 11th January 2015.

The day is breaking through the chink in this rooms curtain, outside the weather is as expected Ugg..Winnie the Poo has his overcoat on, stands quietly beside Paddington Bear on the Bridge looks with disdain at Paddington's marmalade and begins to ponder on the world, far to early to through Poo sticks he for myself it is far to early in the year to think it is 2015.....writing the year 2014..has become a habit that will eventually drift away as always...the first month of the year is always reflective so many thought clouds roll over my mind playing games clapping hands shuffling the old feet to the beat that grows as each day rips off the calender..fluttering to the floor of sighs maybe's along side chocolate frogs hard pressed against the fire the wonder of January.
My tiny red van has seen much this past week most of it the same old moss the same old ruts in the leaf mould the sun came out to play as small snippits bursting through the concrete sky, a small surge in warmth across bare skin is always welcome..i watched on Saturday for glancing moments a small girl and father pass my tiny red vans window they were walking a dog, they both had a lead each, i found it quite quaint, as the letters from the red post box i was emptying entered my is these small wonders that bring hope as the news from France is deep in the dragon pit and on everyones lips...
Forty-six years ago this week..during January 1969..i was sent away to school, something i thought about as i crunched gears it came from the blue,it does cross my mind from time to time but rarely down to the exact hour of walking through those doors...during one Christmas Bottle of wine or two some years back now, my father regreted sending me..days i think yes and days perhaps no...the lingering thought is would i have been a transvestite whether i had gone or not...???..seeps more in my mind, than the rough and tumble of those four teenage years...which perhaps shape ones life forever...So Goeth...

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