bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 28th January 2015.

I can hear the bubbles fizz at my side, the red Coco-Cola can pokes fun at my mind, as time ticks by it has always seemed so, there was a time when Coco Cola was banned from the home if it can rust a nail what does it do to the human body went the story in my youth, so to was the televison series Batman...American Rubbish, but i was allowed to watch the Tonto.....Tonto no longer rides, but Coco Cola keeps me company tonight, i must be a complete rust bucket inside...., the gentle rush of rubber tyres outside my window means tonight the falling snow has either stopped or was so light in falling that the automobile has won the evening crushing it to mush..i was not sure today which day of the week i was plodding through the day has been very jerky so to the weather habit, a nun in drag might see more reason as melancholy madness scratches across the window trying to make myself take the wrong fork in wood of seasons, to let in those days when sinking to the knees at least keeps the concrete sky that bit further close to heaven as the mind tries to hide from winters claws...I watched them cut down a tree today..i sighed..soon they will be in a museum..she will be almost right, not quite the sixties perhaps, but the tune is today so relevent perhaps why i can hear it in a super market as i pass the washing powder....the supermarket trolly is oblivious to the tune swirling around only hearing the squeak of it's own wheels it too passes the washing powder pushed by hands who shrug at the tune whilst peering deep into the bargin bucket...the Daz adverts of youth are beginning to crawl inside my head, i smile and sing softley to myself ..." Lets go and fly a kite "...People think i am crazy..perhaps they are right...So Goeth...

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