bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Monday 2nd February 2015.

The second worst month of the year i have to weave myself though has begun...tis the month i have to really whisper to myself in comforting words as i pause at the fork in the dark woods... to ponder which path the Last Samurai has taken, is it..???... towards the Dragon Pit and the Beast Triffids, or the journey to the Pink Kimono, a garment they say left by the swinging gate by a wood nymph as a sign..that the Tower of Strength is not the myth whispered under the broad oak leaves, that never turn to brown, whispered by gathering Goblins to force the wrong fork on weary travellers travelling towards the Tower,the Pink Kimono would be prefered though the gloom in the dark woods is making me pause for a few days more...before i lurch towards one of the paths that greet me in this month of Brrr....and snow goeth...
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