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Wednesday 11th February 2015.

There are now under two hours left in the hump day of the week, it has been a ragged bull day but yet again by clutching straws cursing God crashing my head against the windscreen of my tiny red van i can now whisper phew to myself....and slip over to see my old friend Winnie-the-Poo to see how the Poo sticks have flowed under the bridge on their journey down the river of life, as we stand he dips his paw into the honey pot licks and smiles....silence is sometimes better than bullshit...he has read the quote also....My old friend King Canute has not, far too long in the beard for that, or to change his ways whilst he has been sat trying to turn the tide over all these centuries all to no avail he is neither bitter or sad and simply sits gleaning the horizon lifting his eyebrow at times whilst watching the antic's of mankind...blow holes in the sails as they, we, us, cannot quite fathom the two words love and peace....
The red bow tied around Winnie-the-Poo's honey pot..is a sign that he knows Valentines day approaches around the bend in the river he holds up his paw sniffs and blows the bend a rippled kiss for all those whom have some hope in the day that they can at least smile in fond memories of the past or simply smile into the unknown..." Candle in the Wind " zips from my I-tunes and not sung by himself either..therefore time to say So Goeth....and Luv and Peace..to all whom pass this way...



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