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Wednesday 18th February 2015.

Another working week hump day begins to close down, this week has moved along at a brisk gait..already Thursday tomorrow am thinking wow as i sit here...far better than the drag stones of last week where even snow drops were stunned into silence beneath soft sunshine...as i marked off the hours far quicker than they moved around the clock....making the week feel even longer than perhaps it did...
Hot gossip this morning made myself sigh...an old gentleman knocked down by a car they said, with sparkle in their eyes each word juicy for those whom dwell in such news with even no time to take off their winter coats before the words poured forth...a man slashes a women they could not save her the hot whispered voices echoed, the chitter chatter brought no good news this morning..
I was glad to move out in my tiny red van with just my mind for company..oh better mention slut she will be most miffed if i leave her behind...there can be some comfort in working alone a choice to let the wireless spit or not....to wonder how Winnie-the-Poo and my old friend King Canute are doing resting on the bridge of life....Ash Wednesday i whispered their way...sssshhh...they say with squinted eyes, the lines on thier faces perhaps say they are too old for such....to worn out with this mountain of religious battle words on whether forty thousand virgins are up in heaven waiting for us...perhaps hell has forty thousand cocks waving in the furness vapours coming from the old steam engines..yummy says i....as Long John...wipes his glasses on his coat and drops a few words to say...So Goeth...



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