bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Sunday 14th January 2007.

The pitter patter of tiny feet running inside my head today has meant much of the time i have been on my knees sifting through a host of collectable nik-naks that are only important to me,i am one of those reluctant to throw anything away,i luv old chocolate boxes as the smell lingers long after the last chocolate has slipped inside the lips.Train tickets linger even longer side by side with curled up airline tickets and luggage stubs old bits of string,empty beer bottles which bring instant recall every time i have the time to stare.Only the hobnailed boots and pink ribbons know the full story of some trinkets that lay in silence gathering dust,Lady Alin calls this place my shrine and both her and poppet always laugh at some objects..but i am one of those who keeps conkers in a coat pocket..some people have bibles,some have tattoo's but i have just simple trinkets which tell stories to me each time i can find time to linger quietly in this shrine and the mass of paper work i have thrown today are just simply the old monsters from the cross i carry on my back as i hump at work each week..those monsters have become so greedy these last few years and i do think possibly one day when the great unwashed pull their heads from up the celebrity circus arseholes,to discard their blinkered view and start asking questions, maybe we might have a few riots for the ballot box is not working.

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