bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 24th February 2015.

Only four dark days of February..left.....i sigh with relief that i have indeed managed another February without slipping into melancholy madness...March in the Manchester basin is not much better in terms of blue sky days winters chill still grips the throat..rain drops colder than cold could be, still fills the boots with puddles of water..the only good thing about that it does not stay long on the tongue and spring flowers begin to bash my knee caps...i have to be careful of Mad March Hares or they will spirit me away down the rabbit hole as i cast an eye on the horizon for the feeling of warmth that summer is indeed coming over the hill in the form of scary monsters..One large Boo from Goblins lurking behind old oak trees and Summer will retreat as fast as it appeared...and am i indeed this very moment thinking such..i should scold myself spank the buttocks and drift away....However time i think now to stand on the bridge of life...with Winnie the Poo and throw a few Poo sticks into the swirling current below and remind myself i have not sat here for a day or goeth...

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