bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Wednesday 17th January 2007.

I am sat here slowly drinking a can of IRN-BRU,trying to put all the cabbages kings and butterfly wings back inside my head so that i can put one foot in front of the other with out relying on Auto-pilot guiding me through the spaced out life i cruise around in.I saw a headline out side the newspaper shop tonight in bold black letters on the typical white sheet as if to taunt you to go and buy a copy you would not normally bother with...." devil sex pervert jailed for life "..the word devil conjoured up visions hanging from church spires pointing fingers into the night sky searching for the champagne super nova's mouthing them to dust in the forbidden darkness i seem to be clothed within.The word..Pervert..trumpeted louder still beyond even the champagne riding in the sky..however it failed for i did not rush to buy the said newspaper.Instead dwelled on the lasting effects it takes to make someone buy a newspaper with out the bold black letters drawing one in.
And if you are not Christian..then surely the word devil does not conjour up the wode to be muck spread around the printed newspaper days are coming to a close.
For i cannot tell whether the print i read is real or simply made up in the dead dog night after a few hours on the chardonnay.The wireless has become worse and the power to buy or not buy a paper is easy enough,yet try and escape the multi-media blaring from every street corner,now that is now a tall order higher now than the empire states.....our freedoms are decreasings rapidly has the public gone mad no...yet it has gone mad because of some comments on big brother..yes laugh Mr Orwell..!!! i feel that i am on the magic roundabout and cannot quite find Florance...
Tags: tip toe through the tulips..!!

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