bichoose (bichoose) wrote,

Tuesday 3rd March 2015.

Today my tiny red van sighed whispered enough is enough 85 thousand plus miles down down farm tracks is enough for any hunk to bump and grind across in a iron life time....i was sorry to see it retire in such a sad way sat on top of a breakdown truck with a broken recon...starter motor sounding as if a tribe of busted frogs was sitting within...Really two weeks ago she should have gone, today she thought bollocks its time to retire from the fleet....and simply stopped stoned...
The ride to pick up my new tiny red van was somewhat different..the driver was one of those for whom road rage was normal, i sat there with my panties thinking Good God as the driver in front got more horn than sat on a camels back and i whispered to myself get me outter of here, my driver had a bigger story to tell the world as words echoed around the cab...far bigger than any small ditto..i could pass the time with as we passed through the uban jungle of Manchester....
Glad to be out from his company Glad i did not look for his best bits...simply far too loud for me...phew....So goeth...i must be getting Old...

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